Change is like rest. When you are tired of listening to music through headphones you may resort to speaker docks. However, if fiddling with cables isn’t one of your strongest points and you are ever moving from one room to the other, your options to listening to your favorite tunes uninterrupted will be limited if not impossible.

Presented by such a scenario, what other options do you have? If you are yet to come across wireless technology, you would be quick to label this fate as impossible. Nevertheless, thanks to KIROBO the proprietors of a portable Bluetooth wireless stereo speaker, you can experience your favorite tune at a whole different level. That’s only if it can pull off what it promises to execute!

What about the KIROBO Portable Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker?

The KIROBO portable Bluetooth stereo speaker craftsmanship is the epitome of elegance fused in technology. Weighing less than 1 pound with a dimension of 4.1 inches wide by 4.1 inches long, the KIROBO bluetooth speaker indeed is quite portable.


It comes in various shades of colors. Ranging from blue to green to black to white. It’s spherical in shape but with a flat base akin to the globe with an aperture that runs almost 360 degrees for sound disbursement.

Product Description

The stereo speaker comes along with a micro USB cable that can be used to recharge the inbuilt 400 mAh battery and enjoy close to 4 hours of music. A 3.5mm AUX connection to facilitate connectivity with your devices that aren’t Bluetooth-enabled, a micro SD card slot for you to store your favorite tunes.

At the top of the speaker, you find control icons: volume, replay, and the mode. While closer to the bottom, it’s where you get the connectivity ports. They are labeled, so picking whatever you want shouldn’t be a problem.

Standout Points the KIROBO Bluetooth Speaker

It’s aesthetically fabricated with light emitting diodes that switch shades while music is playing in the background. With lights out, the KIROBO stereo provides a spectacular candlelight dinner atmosphere.

It utters commands. Yes, it speaks. However, these are pre-recorded guidelines that inform you of the success of your actions while operating the device. For instance, connection to a nearby Bluetooth device.

You need not worry about compatibility. It does have a seamless connection with my android OS phone, as well as my windows driven PC. From the consumer review at Amazon, it’s also compatible with the Apple range of gadgets. I will sum it up with comments from a verified purchase at Amazon stores who thinks that the stereo speaker is worth more than the marked price.

Inside Information Worth Noting

KIROBO portable stereo speaker is Bluetooth enabled, and stating the obvious, its range of transmission is confined within 32 feet. So, if you aren’t ready to be held captive by the speaker, better look for WI-FI enabled portable speakers.

Other than that, I could not find any other major issue with the speaker, though some critics at Amazon find the speaker sound quality to be a little bit off key with durability questions being raised. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Get your own piece at Amazon which comes with a three months return grace period if your expectations aren’t met.

Parting Shot

For me, just as the majority (73 percent) of the verified purchases at Amazon, I will hand this portable Bluetooth stereo speaker with the ability to change its display lights creating a cool atmosphere a five-star rating. Get your piece and experience your music tunes in a whole new dimension

This is a sponsored post written by TechDigg on behalf of Kirobo. All opinions are 100% ours.  





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