Elon Musk is one who is never shy to explore new avenues, case and point Tesla, PayPal and Amazon. But he certainly surfed new waters when he took advice from a fifth grader on Wednesday 1st March 2017 via Twitter.

Elon Musk


Elon is a great Twitter User and often strives to communicate with his users on a common platform. Bria the fifth grader advice Elon run a competition to find the best homemade commercial for Tesla.

Musk quickly replied to the tweeted and said that he would definitely do it, and knowing musk he is probably planning the program well into its fifth year.

The genius of this idea


It was a surprise to hear such refreshing ideas from a fifth grader, but even the CEO of Tesla could not deny the talent. Leading Elon Musk to follow up on the advice of the fifth grader.

She advised that it would cost Tesla virtually nothing to create the commercials as they will be homemade while the commercials would have a significant effect. The fans and people making the commercials will feel better embodied in the commercials and hence the company products.

The buzz created from the marketing gimmick would be unique. With almost 5000 retweets and likes on the letter itself and another 20,000 Tweets and likes on Elon’s Twitter reply that is already close to 10,000 people reached in less than 24 hours let’s give it a week! Already the tweets by themselves are significant marketing tools.

What is Elon Musk likely to do?

tesla market share graph

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Elon Musk will probably act fast and feed off this flowing stream. As any businessman would tell you, move fast and act quickly when it comes to social media trends. But Elon would most likely want this to last much longer and create a better basis for the project, longevity and suck every ounce of popularity from this concept.

Truth be told the Tesla cars and in specific the Tesla solar smart cars, account for almost 30 percent of American luxury vehicles. But the key word here is Luxury when it comes to everyday cars that statistic drops to almost insignificant.

But Elon Musk aims to convert Tesla from a luxury car to an everyday affordable vehicle. Maybe this fifth-grade idea is a step in the direction.




  1. I think Pepsi or Coca Cola already did something like that, actually on Youtuve or something, I always though it was a great idea but by the time nobody really edits as good videos as today, I think at that time the big prize for the best commercial homemade was something like $10000, today I think for the same prize at least 1000 people will do one commercial so that might fill internet with Tesla ads.


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