The Nokia 3310 is one of the most iconic cell phones in mobile history. There are thousands of memes created about how long the battery lasts (or not lasts) and how hard its exterior was. It was built to survive the test of time.

The phone would be charged for such a long time, almost forfeiting the need to have a charger. But just like everything else, its extension was inevitable with the introduction of the smartphone.

But, HMD Global Oy, the company that is set to feed on the world’s nostalgia, has brought it back to life. It will retail at around $50 a piece, a pretty small price tag for such an iconic piece like the Nokia 3310.

But why won’t it be released in the US?

nokia 3310new

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The primary reason is that it runs at 850 MHz, while the lowest frequency in the US, AT&T 2G spectrum, runs on 900-MHz making it impossible to use the phone other than a novelty.

It is a major surprise, however, why the country would choose to revamp the Nokia 3310 and designate it at such a slow frequency almost obsolete in the phone market.

With the current trends, the slow phone frequencies are set to be obsolete in 2 years; meaning that the new Nokia has almost two years to relieve its high days.

But in the meantime, this phone could be the perfect gift, especially for the previous generation who lived and breathed this Nokia device.

Accusations of the Nokia 3310 not really being a Nokia

Well, there have been numerous rumors that the new Nokia phone is not the original and that it is a knock off. Quite frankly, it is!

The obvious hint to this is that the company that manufactures the phone is not Nokia, it is HMD Global Oy. That means all the software will not be made from the original manufacturers.

Honestly, the only thing that will be a replica of the original Nokia 3310 is the name.

Comparison between the old and New





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