Games require a lot of programming time dedicated to altering the game engine to support proper multi-threading. This costs a lot of money to do.The company that manufactures AMD Ryzen 7 Processor has been aware of this problem since the FX series and most of its users knew about it too.

The future of multi-threading lies with the processor manufacturers and the Ryzen was projected as the solution to all the problems.

Gaming software still significantly outdated

To everyone who kept saying that ‘software needs to catch up,’ they did not realize that gaming software still hasn’t even ‘caught up’ very well to 8 threads?

Some progress were, made on the console ports, but by and large, the AMD Ryzen 7 Processor provides excellent eight-core workstation performance at half the price of Intel, but weak gaming performance especially in modern titles.


This processor is not supposed to win out at gaming, it never was touted for doing that. It is a CPU that gives an excellent multi-threaded performance and gives a  perfectly playable performance in games.  Anyone that wants pure gaming performance should be looking at the 6 and 4 cores coming out in the next couple months.

The AMD Ryzen 7 Processor was aimed for workstation CPUs and traditionally they’re more restrictive when it comes to overclocking and generally offer different gaming performance. Although it seems Intel is still king when it comes to workstations, gaming and overclocking combined, lets not forgot the pricing and market disruption AMD has caused.

What to expect from the AMD Ryzen 7 Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 Processor

AMD is likely to have some tricks up its sleeve with the R5 and R3 Series, which will be marketed specifically for gamers.

As of now, it’s premature to pass judgment about RYZEN. AMD has not made a competitive processor in the market since the 2500+ Barton core of years past. They have received criticism for building cheap processors for budget laptops and desktops.

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Thus has hype written all over it. When it comes to Video cards the last truly competitive AMD card was the 9800 pro they have been playing catch-up ever since.

AMD does serve its market well which is for the budgeted mid-range. Everyone should hope Ryzen succeeds just for the sake of competition and to spark a performance war. The engineer who designed this chip designed the Athlon 64 which was the whole reason AMD was ever competitive with Intel in the first place.

The future of gaming processors

AMD Ryzen 7 Processor

In the future,  AMD should do with Ryzen what many gamers I know have suggested. Release an Opteron level CPU in the mainstream. Desktops are limited to 8 cores but servers get up to 16 core CPUs with the Opteron 6300 series. The AMD Ryzen 7 Processor might actually be able to make a gaming PC again.

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Intel/Nvidia builds are easily up to 800% more powerful than the topAMD/AMD builds mainly because of the lack of high-end RAM support and just how tiny their video cards are in comparison to Nvidia.  

Hopefully, they will pull out the stops and actually make it more than just another overhyped processor on the market that fails to deliver.





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