After fighting California’s DMV in December, Uber seem to be toeing the line. The company shipped all their equipment out of California and took it to San Francisco who welcomed them with open arms. But after battling with the state for the past two months and both sides holding their stand, Uber get self-drive permit in California finally.

All self-driving companies doing tests in California have had to get a self-drive permit in California including Google, Tesla, Facebook.

But Uber argued that they were not a self-drive car, and their cars required someone behind the wheel to “help the program out.”

When will Uber get self-drive permit in California

driverless car


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The information coming through from Uber is that they should be set to move by may. They are already re-transporting their material and cars back to California.

With California the company’s central hub, the DMV played the patience game, and Uber came back calling.

The license is not a substantial fee it would be quite easy for Uber get self-drive permit in California. But they flat-out refused to state ethical values, that their car was not a driverless car, and therefore should not be treated as one.

But what caused Uber to refuse to get self-drive permit in California

Uber get self-drive permit in California

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The competition in the autonomous car sector is fears. Most forefront car makers are scrambling to be ahead.

The rumor is that Uberdid not want to show their progress to the other company. If Uber gets a self-drive permit in California, they will have to show all their statistics to the public. This is what Uber have been avoiding.

Their info would be open to the both the public and their competitors. As they so proudly say, their cars are not fully autonomous and therefore should not be categorized in the same page as Google cars.

There is a well-known secret that they have some technology that they do not wish to put out in public just yet.

Too much info for Uber’s liking

The DMV would also require them to state the number of accidents that the company gets in case Uber get self-drive permit in California.

In the experimental phase, there is bound to be some accidents, by keeping them in the record the company would have to show the masses that the zero accident myth they put out there is not entirely true.

For instance, Elon Musk received a lot of stick for the accident one of his Self Drive Tesla’s received. Uber was just avoiding such backlash.

Worst still, what if they showed more accidents than their competitors, this would work perfect for their competitors, show that Uber are just not as competent.




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