“For the apparel oft proclaims the man,” there is great wisdom in Polonius words to his son in Shakespeare’s Hamlet play.

It makes lots of sense that once you commit yourself to spend close to $800+ to get a piece of the latest entrant of the Apple’s mobile gadget-iPhone 7, to follow it up with a protective case that oozes the same elegance and aesthetic value of the phone. A simple, hurriedly crafted case with disregard to the constituent building blocks will definitely not augur well with the status symbol of the Apple.

Nick Guy, iLongue’s accessories editor with over 3 years’ experience in cases review opines that it’s worthwhile at times to trade in a small fraction of protection and coziness for flair and superfluity.

QUVVY genuine leather iPhone 7 case promises to confer protection against accidental drops and shocks while at the same time safeguarding your screen against table dings and scratches. All this is done without compromising the functionality and the aesthetic value of your high-end phone.


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What’s In the QUVVY Leather iPhone 7 Case?

  • For starters, it’s genuine leather. Not some cheap leather mimic by the name faux.  Confirm the authenticity of the leather claims, by subjecting the casing to the leather absorption test and examining the grains for imperfections.
  • Lightweight: weighing 0.2 oz (0.0125 lb.) you will hardly notice the weight difference while handling the phone with or without the QUVVY leather casing.
  • Raised bezel that confers protection of the screen against scratches when placed horizontally with the screen facing down.
  • Double protection: the QUVVY leather case comes fused with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that gives it an extra layer of protection. TPU is a material with desirable chemical and mechanical properties that will make it easy for you to install and detach the casing without compromising on the ductility of the case.
  • Roughed posterior to increase tactile grip strength. Consequently, reducing incidences of phone slipping off your hands while in use.

Conformity with the Laid Standards

It doesn’t get better than getting authoritative casing information from the creators of the device that you are striving to protect. The message is packed in the Accessory Design Guidelines for Apple Devices which espouses the message of maximum protection with minimum interference of the gadget functionality.

QUVVY impressively passes the laid standards. Though there is a single test I didn’t perform. The one-meter drop test. That is if you were to drop your phone from a height of one meter from the ground, a case that complies with the Apple’s case specification guidelines should confer sufficient protection regardless of the landing orientation. A risk too much to bear!

Selling Points of QUVVY Leather Casing

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The ability to accesses the operational buttons, sensors as well as ports of iPhone 7 while secured in the QUVVY is without no doubt a plus. Operating your device should be as easy as when its case free. The QUVVY exhibits both protective overlays on the volume key and cut out on the ring and silent button.

Pressing the key volume offers some tactile resistance which is a true reflection of the functionality of the controls unlike the experience of a boggy touch.

The QUVVY leather case comes in three color shades: black, brown and orange. The beauty about the color coating is that it doesn’t bleed on the phone when it comes into contact with a wet surface. Worry not, if you perspire a lot. The dyes are colorfast.

The TPU choice of plastic over the traditional polymers (PVC) is a cut above other iPhone casing. Its safety profile is beyond reproach as explained by Prakash Vizzeswarapu, a material science expert with BayerProcessed without the use of any toxic chemicals (plasticizers) that might trigger skin irritation or dermatitis.

Camera and flash aperture on the case is adequate. The field of view is, therefore, uninterrupted. A constricted field of view will result in images that are darker at the edges.

Point of concern

The only downside of the QUVVY leather case that so far I have been able to pick out, would be the constricted cut-out mold of the slide mute /ring button. Not only is the button exposed but getting access to it through the case is slightly a challenge.

Nader, a verified purchase at Amazon airs his frustration over the size of the bezel. According to him, it’s too thin to confer any valuable screen protection. It’s worthwhile to state that this was the only critical review that the QUVVY Genuine Leather iPhone 7 Case received.

Deal or No Deal?

“Figures will not lie,” so said, Carroll D. Wright. Pulling in a massive 94% five-star rating against 6% two-star rating, the QUVVY genuine leather iPhone 7 case without a shadow of doubt is the real deal. Grab your QUVVY Genuine Leather iPhone 7 Case from Amazon store and experience protection with an elegance touch.

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