One of the main reasons Facebook has been so successful all over the world is the fact that it is versatile and applies to many people. Twitter is the second most popular social platform, but it is quickly being caught up with other platforms. This is because Twitter is not so willing to evolve. In order not to fall into the same category as Twitter, Facebook will launch dislike button to help the appeal to keep up with the trends.

Why they have never had a dislike button

Facebook will launch dislike button

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Many platforms have a like and dislike button. But Facebook has never had any such button. In fact, it has only started having reactions and feelings buttons on the post a few months ago. But still no dislike button.


Facebook has never really answered why they do not have a dislike button, but many speculations revolve around not wanting to hurt people’s feelings.

People have the uncanny reputation of coming on Facebook and pretty much, saying anything. It may lie in the subconscious to post more knowing that no one would really dislike your post.

Imagine putting a status up on Facebook and getting more dislikes than likes that would devastate many. For now many people, just scroll down if they do not like your post, many wouldn’t be bothered to actually go to the comments section and tell you they don’t want the post. Perhaps this encourages more posts… and for Facebook the more the merrier.

Why Facebook will launch dislike button

Facebook will launch dislike button

This is a difficult question as well because Facebook has been around for a long time and if it were up to them, they would have put it up a long time ago.

It is believed that Apple and the iPhone Messenger are actually the motivators of this sudden need for Facebook to put a dislike button.

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The iPhone Messenger has recently introduced a like and dislike button, allowing the users to be more descriptive with whoever they talk to.

Facebook Messanger has also had a like button. But with so much mileage gained by Facebook Messenger to the iPhone Messenger, Facebook is not leaving any loose ends.
They want to much apple stride by stride, even if it means Facebook will launch dislike button, something they had not considered before.

Will this really help Facebook

Facebook will launch unlike button and try and match Apple, and this has always been a winning formula for many companies. Hate them or love them, Apple is the real tech trendsetters.

Samsung copies their design, and it seems Facebook copy their Messenger.
With Facebook Messenger almost catching up to iPhone messenger but still way off Whatsapp, they believe that they have apple in sight to topple them in this field. First, it will be Facebook will launch dislike button on their messenger app. Next, the dislike button ill is added to the status and comment sections.




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