Can weapons of war be overrated? and if so which are the Most overrated weapons . I mean, right from the beginning, mankind has built and developed powerful weapons for waging war. There’s no doubt that some systems have proven to be destructive in battle and have earned fearsome reputations for their brutal efficiency.

Well, on the other hand, some of these weapons develop the same fearsome reputations but are not entirely justified due to their lack of effectiveness and exorbitant cost becoming the Most overrated weapons.

Lastly, some weapons fall into a weird category, boasting a reputation that’s completely out of proportion to their primary usefulness on the battlefield. In essence, these weapons take up more ink than they deserve and are entirely overrated.

In this post, we’re going explore some of the most overrated weapons of all time and have a detailed look at how they occupy a bigger space in the defense sphere than they truly deserve. The list is going to comprise of the suggestions and opinions of intellects from Quora and the weapons are going to consist of both the ones from the past century and those that are presently amongst us.

Let’s do this!

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4Mark 14 Torpedoes

Taking the first spot is the view of a user known as Robert Clouse, he says:

“There is a bunch of them; I will just offer one of them, the Mark 6 exploder. It was the magnetic detonator of the Mark 14 torpedoes used at the start of WW2.

It was thought of as the greatest advance in Naval warfare for decades. This is what it did far too often.

The early Mark 14 was garbage and probably one of the Most overrated weapons , and field modifications are what finally fixed the several problems with it by the end of WW2.

The Mark 14 torpedo had four major flaws.

• It tended to run about 10 feet (3.0 m) deeper than set.

• The magnetic exploder often caused premature firing.

• The contact exploder often failed to fire the warhead.

• It tended to run “circular,” failing to straighten its run once set on its prescribed gyro angle setting, and instead, to run in a large circle, thus returning to strike the firing ship.

At least one U.S. submarines were sunk by their own Mark 14 torpedo, the USS Tullibee, and the USS Sargo damaged the same way on 25 September 1942, when a circular run went off it’s stern.

Hard to find a greatly honored weapon that for a long time, firing it was actually a way to kill yourself.”



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