Irrational value assessment is a subject that I must admit the giant mobile companies have mastered to the consumer detriment. For those in the dark, irrational value assessment is a phenomenon in behavioral economics that demonstrates the conceal power of apparent value. You still don’t copy? Let me lay it bare for you. Sickening as it may sound, you are more inclined to admire a cheap bottle of wine if I convinced you falsely that it costs more!

For exorbitant prices, you have fallen prey to the current giant high-end mobile phone manufacturers. You have been paying through the nose for outdated technology if we are to go by the narrative of the concept of a smartphone, christened The One.

The One smartphone promises to revolutionize the mobile device industry by demonstrating that it shouldn’t cost you a fortune to enjoy the trappings that come along with a smartphone that exhibits reliability, high performance and up to date mobile technology.

Overview of The One Smartphone

The One is an idea whose timing is perfect. A time where high-end mobile device manufacturing companies have traded in their work values for profits. Consequently, leaving you and other consumers to pay for more than what we receive in terms of technology satisfaction!


[Check out The One INDIEGOGO Campaign]

Tired of the status quo and driven by the desire to bring to check this vice, Keedan Punch, an Australian citizen and the brains behind the OneTab cloud storage, has outlined his concept on Indiegogo, seeking funds through like-minded individuals to breathe life into this flagship project. It’s projected to cost $700,000 AUD. With the current exchange market rates that should translate to about $532k (USD).

Superficially, the project looks overambitious. However, Punch assures his benefactors that The One project is on a mission that is not ready to “sacrifice quality and features.” They are already looking beyond the flagship project and part of the funds will go towards research and development for the second version The One device range.

Taking The Bull By Its Horns.

This is going to be a heavyweight duel of the mobile industries so to speak. A spectacle worth viewing by any mobile enthusiast that values money and who will think maybe twice before spending a dollar.

On the blue corner, we have the Apple’s iPhone teaming up with the Samsung’s Galaxy line; taking on The One, in the red corner. Early signs show the odds are in favor of the red corner. Looking at the specification side by side, The One comes out on top.

Picking on technology advancement for instance. Punch has no kind words for the present high-end devices labeling them “merchants of technology device’s that are way past their due date for an exponential cost.” He further drives his point home by illustrating how Samsung to date hasn’t incorporated a 2014 technology (USB Type-C) in its current devices.

What does that mean to you? You are missing out on rapid data exchange and quick recharging rates by purchasing this kind of phone over the envisioned The One, which plans to incorporate USB Type-C into its devices, at present being USB Type-C.

I bet you still think that Apple’s iPhone is the real deal? Think twice. In the words of Punch, “The iPhone 7 Plus is using an IPS screen- a technology that has been overtaken by events. The One will strive to source the newest and stable technologies available for your phones. The One will not be in the business of releasing the same phone with a different name, year after year.”

To me, that’s the Technical knockout of this bout.

A Cut above the Rest

The One is on a path to sow seeds that will revolutionize the smartphone industry that would send shock waves on the current trends if the specifications are anything to go by. I am tempted to conclude that its suffice to say that The One has no peers presently in the market.

Be its AMOLED display that lets you maximize the screen display or its virtually unlimited storage capacity occasioned by the cloud service, the OneTab. Neither Samsung nor Apple comes close.

It promises to keep its attractions (read iPhone 7 headphone jacks) while getting rid of the unnecessary features such as the bezel (the outer frame that attaches the monitor display of your phone) at no extra levy.

Lover of selfies? The One comes with a front camera of 13 megapixels with the added benefit of a flash. Enjoy the freedom of taking selfies 24/7 anywhere. The cherry on the cake definitely should be the proposed retail price of $304 (USD). Three times lower than the current high-end smartphones that are rather inferior in terms of specs.

Breathe Life into The One

The maiden flight of The One is due for take-off towards the tail end of May 2017 with a production calendar scheduled 20 days post a successful Indiegogo funds drive. It pays handsomely to be part of the benefactor for this project.

For starters, it will cost you $53.20 (USD) less of the retail price and will have the privilege of operating The One before the general public. Other salient benefits that early adopters are due to enjoy is the virtually unlimited storage space offered by OneTab at no extra charge. You capture the memorable moments while OneTab handles the safe custody aspects of your valuable documents. That simple.

The One comes with a philanthropic touch. For every gadget sold, $10 AUD ($7.59 USD) will be channeled to a charity of your liking. A true reflection of not being driven by profits!

The heavy task of the pre-contriving and soliciting for the latest technologies at the fairest prices is done and dusted. The One awaits take-off. You are therefore called upon to be part of the smartphone revolution that not only seeks to sanitize the rot in the mobile device industry where price doesn’t mirror the specifications being peddled but also ensures that you get the best for the least reasonable amount.

Be on the right side of the history by supporting The One.

*This is a sponsored post written by TechDigg on behalf of The One. All opinions and views expressed are 100% ours.




  1. It’s actually amazing, but I am not in the smartphone path for the thickness but for the durability and the timeproof general design, so I think it’s not as good as it should be when it’s compared side by side with other flagships and not considering the price, so the price is the main selling point here.


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