Human race without electricity? That would be scary! It’s pretty obvious that everything that has to do with our life is dependent on the presence and flow of electric power. Without electricity, our future would be doomed, and civilization would be significantly affected. The bottom line: Life will suck!

What will be affected in the event of a complete power failure?

In my opinion, everything and everyone would be affected. As long as you live in the 21st century where nearly every human depends on electricity and steady power supply to carry out almost every given task, you would also be affected.

Even food supply would be significantly affected as most, if not all, of the world’s food supply depends on electricity; the tractors, harvesters, and food processing equipment require certain levels of electric current to deliver optimum performance on the field.


Let’s have a sneak peek at some relevant answers from Quora so we can understand just how much the whole of civilization would be affected by power outage.

Civilization would Be Scarred For Life

Here’s what Alb Rubio has to say:

“That would be devastating. Our civilization will change forever.

If there were a power failure; including coal, thermic, nuclear, solar and hydroelectric then we could have the next scenario.

This scenario is unlikely due to the variety of electrical sources we have as a modernized civilization.

Just imagine:

1. At home: with no electricity you don’t have lights, A/C/heater won’t come on and if your stove/oven is gas you can light it with a match if you have one, if not you can’t use them. No computer, you can’t charge your cell, refrigerator/freezer don’t work, food goes bad. The only thing you can get is water until the water service shuts down too. You probably have to go out to eat and have a place with A/C. Oh, wait, no electricity. Restaurants, homes, some buildings ATM’s won’t work.

You can’t stay in your home all the time, and you can’t go to other places either, you don’t have money because the ATM’s or banks are closed. You are doomed.

2. At work: You can’t work without power for computers, lights, A/C heaters. No work, no money. Doomed.

3. Education: Same as work. You can’t go to school. School break forever. Doomed.

4. Hospitals: Main Hospitals run on diesel generators for backup power. They will run longer until they can’t get diesel anymore either because the delivery trucks can’t get gas to run, or the pumps to fill the trucks don’t work anymore. Then you won’t be able to get service anymore. Doomed.

5. Government: The government is prepared for this kind of catastrophe up to a certain point. They have bunkers and secret places to stay running for a while; it could be a year or two. How long depends on how good of strategy they can come up to put in place to restore electricity.

6. Police, military, firefighters, emergency services: Their service to us will be limited. Not having electricity affect them as well.

7. Infrastructure Services: Gas, diesel, water, manufacturers, Internet, TV/cable, phone and cell services. Can’t produce products or services without electricity.

8. Transportation: No power, gas pumps won’t work. Doomed.

9. Entertainment: No electricity, machines, lights and building services stop. Doomed.

10. (Industry providers) Oil, rubber, plastic, cardboard, paper, food suppliers, clothing, shoes, etc., won’t be able to make or supply stores, so you won’t be able to buy them. Doomed.


Getting food, water, getting laundry clean, getting rid of waste, keeping warm or cool are tasks accomplished by the use of electricity in our present electricity driven civilization.

Without these needs met we can’t survive as we live now.

We can survive in a different way, but it won’t be the same. We will have to live and do things like people did back in the 1800s before electricity was widely used which was late 1800 and beginning of the 1900.”

Well, this guy has answered this question in its entirety.

Massive Die-Off

Another user known as Dan Holliday adds:

“Massive die-off. Our civilization cannot continue as it is without electricity.  All of the people living in the urban and suburban areas would run out of food in short order. They’d flee to the countryside. Most would die on the way. The rural areas depend on electricity as much as the urban areas for food, water, fuel, etc., but would also succumb.  The first winter in the US would bring about the deaths of probably north of 200 million people.  By the end of a full year, my guess is that there’d be less than 50 million people left.  Probably less. 

No matter where you are, unless you’re living in an electricity-less cabin in the woods, your life depends on electrical power. The US would cease to be a nation-state and would vanish. Few people can “subsistence survive.” Practically nobody knows animal husbandry or how to strap a small plow to a bull. Fewer would know how to make one. 

This applies to any nation, except the most primitive agrarian areas. The die-off would be something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. It would not be pleasant, to say the least.”

Well, so far we have gotten a clearer picture of how the everything would be affected and ruined if power supply stopped. No phones, No Internet, No TV, No Nothing. That’s hell!




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