The vintage craze: Sometimes it seems like technology and their users have a complicated relationship. Is just as if consumers are wandering and sharing the same highway with the expert tech companies, but at the same time both are driving in opposite directions, so that ironically an old Nokia 3310 is competing against the top iPhone on the market, just in the middle of the touchscreen era.


Although in principle, we could justify ourselves on the typical «the world is upside down,» it feels like it’s not just a matter of collectionists anymore to look for the old-fashioned mobile when picking up a communication tool.

If you did smile just by leafing through until here you probably did identify yourself, so keep reading just for fun as you already know what I’m talking about. However, If you don’t have any idea of why even famous are chasing the Stone Age gadgets, not only In a matter of phones, let’s just find out!

Hand-me-down: Challenging the Supply and Demand


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So as if it were not enough with people going crazy for ancients tech devices like cameras and phones, there’s a puzzling plus: companies playing with our brains and working in bring them back with few new features, just like the case of the recent afterlife return of the Nokia 3310 —Because truth be told, the old indestructible and reliable with Snake plus Whatsapp included in one sounds irresistible, huh?

Resultado de imagen para telefonos viejos

Is this increased interest in the most basic phones only about appearances and being cool or different? I think it might be something else…

Security issue? At least you’ll be harder to locate

With the topic of espionage and its vast catalog of technologies to spy on us, and the problems of data in the cloud, the user is more than aware about the security of their personal information —Relics ahead scoring!

Part of that loss of user privacy has the smartphone and especially the iPhone as the culprit, or perhaps protagonist. Mainly WiFi and GPS connectivity are what make our smartphones especially vulnerable to the loss of privacy if we talk about the simple and constant location.

Insecurity on the cities of the fury?

Because after breaking the piggy bank for the last iPhone, it’s not fair that a thief take it off, thereby a second-hand phone could save you, and your advanced phone. Not to mention that classic carelessness of losing your apparatus everywhere.

Ideal for not caring about care? Watch out, here come the kids!

On the other hand, most of the new mobiles are so delicate for kids so giving yours the new Samsung Galaxy is probably not the best idea —At least your account bank looks like the Steve Jobs one, and you don’t mind about giving them another when before long they harm it, ha!

Resultado de imagen para Baby using phone

More battery to solve the evil of the iPhones?

Another possible reason for choosing a non-smartphone terminal today makes more sense than obeying battery-related issues. With screens of small dimensions, few colors and minimum resolution, the battery stretches its duration to figures that not many will remember.

In fact, more than drastic consumption reduction systems that include the latest smartphones, it is more efficient to have a featured phone as a second terminal, reserved for calls and even messaging —And being able to forget about charging it for days is a great, missed temptation.

Disconnection? Who said freedom?

No apps, no incoming email in push mode, no social networks… Even without a camera! It is the closest thing to a technological detoxification that today we could achieve without leaving aside the phone for emergency cases.




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