There is no doubt that smartphones have taken their game to the next level when it comes to phones camera specifications. The level of sophistication of high-end smartphone cameras is so high that images captured by phones are being pitched against those taken by compact cameras.

However, the lighting aspects of these high-end cameras haven’t developed at the pace with which the camera lenses have. Consequently, this has rendered shooting of high quality still images and videos in poorly lit areas a challenge. You might be tempted to argue for the tiny light flash features of smartphones but in all honesty, the output is never adequate to enable you to capture high definition videography, especially at a distance.

Memorable moments are unpredictable and as the old adage goes, “the best camera is the one at your disposable.” In that case, your smartphone camera fits the bill. Faced with the limitation of illumination, SureFire technologies promises potent solutions to smartphone camera users through the FirePak smartphone video illuminator.


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What About The Firepak Video Illuminator?

FirePak video Illuminator is an invention by the renowned brand maker of tactical military spotlights, the SureFire Limited Liability Company. Quality shouldn’t be an issue for discussion owing to the fact that SureFire LLC is contracted by the United State military to supply white light illumination.

The FirePak is fabricated to be paired with your smartphone (currently, case pairing limits it to iPhone 6 or 7 series and Samsung Galaxy S5) to provide the much-sorted illumination for high definition videography and photography at far reaching areas that are poorly lit.

In addition to providing light, FirePak comes with a battery capacity of 2800mAH. A feature that makes it an idle power bank source for your smartphone that is rechargeable via the USB ports.

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Salient Features of FirePak Illuminator

For the tactical lights enthusiast, you will notice that FirePak mobile-esque shape is a departure from the conventional tube-like shaped spotlights. Together with the separately sold FirePak cases, you will be in a position to attach your iPhone securely to the FirePak without compromising on the aesthetic value of the union.

Weighing under 4.6oz with a length of 4.6 inches, FirePak should be lightweight enough to carry around and capture your best moments in life.

For $199.99 at the SureFire online store, you should be in a position to get yourself FirePak illuminator. But again, why spend all that sum of money for light generation purpose only? The answer rests in the design of the beam of light that it produces.

FirePak boasts two light emitting diodes which together with specially crafted reflectors create a beam that is suited to fit within the focal field of vision of your smartphone camera.

FirePak extends its beam of light up to a range of 50 feet, which is also adjustable up to four output levels that oscillates between 100 to 1500 lumens. With this ability at your disposal, you will be in a position to take astonishing still images, as well videos irrespective of the time of the day.

FirePak ability to be operated remotely through Bluetooth and the fact that it runs on its own rechargeable power is the icing on the cake for this gadget. All you need to do is to position the FirePak and control it with the Bluetooth App on your smartphone!

What to Watch Out For

I am not yet convinced by the retail price tag of the device. For a fraction of the $199.99 bucks, you will be in a position to get equally if not superior portable power bank devices. But again, it’s worth noting that I am referring to a single feature of the FirePak: a source of charge.

The time frame at which the FirePak operates at full strength is rather short taking into consideration the cost of a FirePak. I didn’t have to perform the durability test as the white paper on FirePak by SureFire LLC, categorically state that you will be in a position to shoot a video for a period, not more than 20 minutes!

Chances of you running out of power first are without no doubt higher than running out of storage space on your smartphone. You can take solace in the fact that the FirePak comes with a battery light charge indicator meaning a power blackout won’t catch you unaware.

Parting Shot

FirePak smartphone video illuminator delivers on its major promises of illumination and as a source of portable charge device. Similar sentiments have been aired by Chan, a verified purchase at Amazon. With the added bonuses of being a handheld torch that if set at the maximum output of 1500 lumen translates it to a personal defense tool, I would recommend it if you would wish to conquer the dark with videography and photography. Grab your piece at SureFire online store and explore unlimited videography in pitch darkness!


*This review was written on behalf of TechDigg for SureFire LLC. Opinions expressed are 100% ours.




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