Every year, September signifies the exit of summer and the ushering in of a new season and the new experiences to come. For those that are tech-happy, September means we are that much closer to the new iPhone and this time more specifically iPhone 8.

Between the last iPhone release and the soon to be, chances are you’ve read the blogs with daily discoveries trickling in about what new feature the new iPhone will have.

iPhone 8

For a while now Apple has managed to stay ahead of the curve, innovating and inspiring other brands to follow the mold that generates lust amongst most customers, but with the new iPhone steadily approaching, has Apple finally lost its edge?

iPhone 8 Specs


It’s hard to stay clueless on any Apple-related news as even non-tech oriented blogs and news outlets cover Apple information, but what are the blogs not talking about regarding the new Apple iPhone that everyone else is whispering about?

Apple is still referred to by many as a leader in their respective industry, with their primary competitor being Samsung, but about 2 years ago new features and capabilities of cell phones hit an apex.

Every new model promised to do so much more than the last, but it seems as new technological ideas for cellular devices is tiring out, so is the steam behind the brands that carry them.

Apple’s new  adjustments

iPhone 8

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Apple used adjectives like “bold” and “brave” to describe the removal of the headphone jack from their handsets on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but really how “brave” and “bold” is limiting options?

Such a brash decision to cut the cord only leaves everyone wondering will the iPhone 8 or “iPhone Edition”, as recently rumored reports are ‘titling’ the highly anticipated 2017 release of the iPhone, really add something of notable value, or is this a modern day case of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Both Samsung and Apple have been guilty of being so “inspired” by each other’s designs that the two companies often file patent infringement lawsuits against each other, but with pressure to come up with new technology every year, the quest to find reasons to inspire consumers to purchase a newer, better version of the same phone, dwindles.

Apple is trying to change the charging mechanism

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Apple has tried almost everything under the sun to be perpetually relevant in an ever-changing technological ecosystem. A radical redesign from their iPhone 5 was aesthetically pleasing enough to persuade most consumers to purchase a new phone, and what they lacked in new features, they made up by integrating a social media experience in the software.

Apple is fully aware of how you use your phone, so it was no surprise that their primary focus wasn’t about making the actual phone better, aside from the “thinner” and “lighter” obsession they have every year, but integrating a more social experience in apps like their iMessage.

So with the iPhone 8 approaching, hopes aren’t really that high to see spectacular hardware overhauls for the actual handset. Are you excited for the new iPhone? Let us know below.




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