By now everyone should have heard stories of the impending robot apocalypse where humans bow to their creation. Well, from what we can tell, these dark times are probably not too far away seeing as Robots in human skin is now a reality.

Just imagine, a robot with its metal skeleton having human flesh and skin on the outside. These things tend to happen a lot in the movies and TV shows, but not once have we thought it could happen in reality.

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Sci-Fi entertainment is definitely finding its way in the real world. If we look at the amount of great things we as humans have done in the past, it’s safe to say that everything is possible as long as it can be explained.

Robots in human skin: Here’s what’s happening


Robots in human skin

Two biochemical researchers known as Andrew Carr and Pierre-Alexis Mouthuy, from The University Of Oxford in England, are making moves to grow muscle tissue and skin on robots in the near future, according to their written report on Science Robotics.

The idea here is to transplant the grown muscle tissues and skin onto humans; sounds good? Great.

Growing human skin is possible today, but the procedure is not perfect. Skins grown in the current conditions are prone to damages. However, with a Robots in human skin giving a much needed stress and regular use, it should work better when placed on humans.

Remember the Kenshiro robot from the University of Tokyo? It’s an interesting robot with over 160 artificial muscles. It comes with 100 brushless Maxon motors to ensure humanlike movements at all times. Real human muscles and skin would likely work wonders on the Kenshiro due to its ability to move lifelike.

Mouthuy and Carr both envision a world where tissues for a human hand could be grown on a robotic arm. The same goes for a human leg tendon; yes, it could be grown on a robotic leg.

Self repair robots of the future

animal robots

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If everything goes according to plan, we could be on the verge of biohybrid humanoids. For those who are wondering, it means robots of the future with the ability to grow and repair human muscle and skin.

The final step to from our perspective, is to grow limbs on robots. It’s possible to grow a nose on a human body, and as such, we see no reason the procedure could not be done on a robot.

Skin printed in 3D

Scientists aren’t looking solely to the idea of Robots in human skin as a means for transplant. 3D printing is another interesting way of doing things, and already some researchers in Spain are moving ahead down this path.

If it works as expected, the process could transform the lives of millions around the world, especially those who suffer from severe burns and serious skin conditions. We could be witnessing a huge technological breakthrough, one that will take years to mature.

For now, when a patient requires a skin to be grown, it must be grown on their body. Now, the process can take weeks to complete, but when t comes down to bioprinting, it’s a more efficient process.




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