Don’t try to cheat us and wipe that “wow” expression off your face. Since the truth has been revealed by experts, you can’t hide anymore: from Olympic swimmers to Presidents, it is not only a matter of kids, everybody has made pee at least once in a pool Even the world’s most famous pool-user, Michael Phelps, says so, ha!

Now that we did enter in quiet confidence, why should we stop doing it?

Sharing the space in a swimming pool should be something that would remain courteous and respectful; since not only urine but other substances we exude are coming in contact with other alive beings, and can affect health by recent studies.

Worst Fears About Pee in a Pool’s Water


So the researchers from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta decided to demonstrate the effect of pee and sweat in the waters we share, and the publication revealed that once these excrements react with chlorine, they can cause eye irritation and respiratory problems.

What Proportion of Water in a Swimming Pool is Pee?

Then after measuring the concentration of an artificial sweetener, acesulfame potassium (ACE), that is commonly found in processed food and passes through the body unaltered; in figures, the results might look like this:

It is an antisocial act that normally goes under the radar. Regardless of how small an amount you believe it is, it is never pleasant to know that you can get sick because of a strangers pee!

Think twice before getting into a random jacuzzi: however, swimmers can find some relief compared to users of the whirlpools where the study was also conducted. Here, there were much higher urine levels found. A jacuzzi in a hotel had more than three times the concentration of sweetener in the worst pool studied.

How Much Piss Does it Take to Green-Dye a Pool?

One of the most banal stories that surfaced at the Rio Olympic Games was the sudden and inexplicable greening of not one but two Olympic pools.

Actually, there is an explanation: algae. Lots of seaweed. Algae grow in warm, calm water, especially when there is plenty of sunlight to break down annoying antimicrobial compounds, such as chlorine. Nevertheless, as it can not be otherwise, the Internet has its own hypothesis: pee!

As confusion, fear, and indignation seized the civilized world, I decided to study a little about the human bladder, color theory, and algebra to find answers on how much it takes to paint a pool of green with just urine. Anyway, doing the simple math: yellow (pee) blue (pools) = greenish, right? 

Considering the figures of the recent discovery research, it is a lot of piss. Perhaps almost half the population of Iceland And it’s hard to imagine so many humans peeing in an Olympic pool in the course of a single night without drawing attention. On the other hand, did you know that the darker yellow colored pee indicates how dehydrated you are?

Stop Peeing in a Pool, it’s Disgusting!

Spoiler alert: there’s always the app way —Even for bath affairs, ha! So for those who excuse themselves saying that they forgot to go to the bathroom, I suggest trying some sort of app like Pee & See. It’s an easy reminder and will track the quantity of water you drink and urination output. It will certainly will make the process of getting out the pool and drying off a bit more interesting and funny. You are welcome!




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