The Senstone, developed by California-based Noteable, is currently among the smallest devices in wearable technology, and soon you can get your hands on one. The gadget is used to record your voice and create notes while you’re on the go. It syncs to your smartphone using its accompanying app to put all your notes together in one place.

New to Kickstarter, Senstone has already raised nearly five times its original goal, making it one of the most hyped up wearables before it’s even available! The company expects the Senstone to add style along with its ease-of-use.

The simple, yet modern, design is in tune with the sleek appearance other companies are still wishing they could accomplish, making the gadget a fierce competitor by looks alone.


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Senstone’s Design

The Senstone is about the size of a watch face at about 1.16 inches in diameter. The black oval shape has pinched edges on each side, which in conjunction with the screen’s glossy overlay, only adds to the device’s suave appearance.

Under the face are hidden LED lights in the shape of a starburst, which light up in different patterns depending on the gadget’s current action. This feature is new to wearable technology since most current devices only have a single light that gives off different haptic patterns or speeds, whereas the Senstone gives more of a visual effect. The lone button on the side of the device acts as a combo of Power, Record, and Volume controls.

The small gadget also has a notched hole on its back that allows the user to attach different accessories to it. As of right now, there are four attachments available – a simple clip, a sports watch band, a bracelet cuff, and a pendant necklace – all of which up the Senstone’s style game even higher.

How It Works

The Senstone can be placed in either of the attachments and worn as an accessory, or you can clip the device onto your shirt or dress collar to keep it nearby as you drive, work or multitask in other ways. The wearable pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and sends both your voice recording and a text transcription of your speech to your device.

Once you have connected the Senstone to your smartphone, you simply press the side button to begin recording. After you have finished recording your note, you can stop the gadget by pressing the button again. After you have completed the task, it may take a few minutes for the note to sync with the app. If your app is open, however, the syncing is automatic. The company is currently working on ways to improve this feature.

When it comes time to charge your Senstone, you just place it on its charging dock. When the device is charging, you can also set it to listen while you sleep. It may sound crazy, but the results could help with creating better sleep patterns, detecting bad dreams or sleepwalking, and more.

The Future of Wearable Technology

The Senstone is definitely one-of-a-kind, there’s no denying that. The device is the perfect mixture of style, productivity, and simplicity. This version of the wearable, as awesome and functional as it is, isn’t the final product from Noteable. The company hopes to add features like emotion and intonation recognition, AI, and third-party integration in the near future.

With the Kickstarter campaign off to an exciting start, many consumers have high expectations in regards to the device’s fate. As the Senstone is the first of its kind, it may also be a hint at a revolution in wearable technology on the horizon. 

Buyers can choose between the different chrome plated brass casings, which include Twilight, Classy, Glace, and Coal.

Current Kickstarter backers can get the Senstone for as low as $80, depending on their pledge amounts toward the campaign. The retail price is $145, and the Senstone is expected to be on the market by this fall.

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