The problem is that the smartphone industry has only two major players so far. This creates a monopoly of sorts, meaning that they can do whatever they want and the market will adjust to it.

In reality, that is not how a business should be run. In fact, that is not how the world should run. The company should adjust to the market and not the market for the firm.

Case and Point

samsung galaxy s8 vs iphone 8

Case and point: iPhone release a jack-less phone, the market goes crazy about this and say they no longer value iPhones. But in reality, iPhone 7 broke the previous sales record and sold $79 million.


Maybe this was a one-off thing; Samsung could never pull this off, right? Wrong! In fact, they were the first to pull this off with the introduction of the curved edges. The market complained about how this would lead to the phone breaking quickly, but the company still sold over $70 million also breaking their sales records.

The One Smartphone: How about what the people want?

The One Smartphone

The One is a smartphone that is looking to break these trends, and they are well on their way to achieving this. One reason Samsung and iPhone have such big markets is that their products are well built, but their price is exuberant.

The One will retail at a third of the iPhone price while performing just as well if not better than the iPhone.

But, are they just cloning the big smartphone players?

The One

Well, this is a legitimate concern, after all the best way to be successful in business is to copy the ones who have come before you.

But even if you do manage to copy iPhones’ business model all you will be able to do is borrow their customers. Soon they will return to their brand.

But if you create your brand, then you acquire customers and not borrow them. This is what The One is aiming to do, set up their own customers create a brand. This way they will gain customers instead of borrowing them.

What stands out with The One smartphone?

I can only find one word to define what makes The One smartphone stand out, performance. With other phones, it is so easy to focus on one side of the story and forget the other.

The latest trend in smartphone making is more focused on how it looks rather than how it performs. Take the Samsung S7 and Samsung S6; there is virtually no difference in their performance, it is just the look that has been improved.

Regarding performance, The One has an octa-core system while both iPhone and Samsung has quad core processors. This means that The One has eight core processors while its competitors have four.

This means that this new smartphone can process much more information a lot faster. Each core processor can work independently, meaning they can processes different information, such as run multiple apps independently.

Real life scenario explaining

But the other advantage of having a quad core is quite remarkable. You have four workers on the field working; odds are they will take longer to finish. Now that you have that in mind, take eight employees in the field, odds are they will cover much more ground and not be as exhausted.

Same case to the quad and octa-processors. The Octo-core distributes the tasks better meaning that there is less stress on the battery resulting in it lasting longer. You may have often felt your phone heats up when using it for a long time and the battery drains much faster, well, this is the reason, over exertion on the processor.

Battery Life and phone thickness

The One has a 3000mAh. Suffice the processor already saving you power; the phone has a large battery. This means that you can use the phone for longer without its battery running out. But its large battery does not make it bulky in fact, it is even slimmer than both the iPhone 7 and Samsung S7 measuring at 6.9 mm compared to the iPhone 7 at 7.3 mm and the Samsung S7 at 7.9 mm.

Cloud storage
On the surface the cloud storage system is not such a big deal, after all, iPhone also has a cloud, while Android/Samsung have Google cloud. But neither of these services offer unlimited storage. But even better, the cloud automatically deletes photos and videos from your phone, saving them in the cloud to ensure maximum storage space in your device.

The One Vs. iPhone S7 Vs. Samsung S7

the One

Creators of The One

One such a corky name as “The One” this company needs to be able to back up their claims through other products. And they have as the creator of The One smartphone is also the creator of OneTab storage services. A storage system that is experiencing a high growth after already concurring Australia.

One Tab Australia created the cloud system, and after much success, they aim to venture into being a smartphone manufacturer.

Make The One a reality

But the OneTab Australia has stumbling blocks and is looking for investors to help them make this phone a reality through INDIEGOGO. And finally, give some well waited competition to Samsung and iPhone. If you join the campaign and become an investor you will get a $53.20 off you’re the One Smartphone. They will also send $7.59 to a charity of your choice. Not to mention, you can even win a free The One. You can check out their INDIEGOGO campaign for additional details.





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