Nowadays, most people have a strong battle deep inside: being vegan or keep eating meats while killing entire creature species; stop wearing fancy clothes made with animals or just keep it more simple and classy with cotton and new advances in black and white; going out by walking or by bike bike and no more vehicle pollution. I feel you, my dear techie dreamer, all we want is the best for us and those who surround us.

While we are trying to improve our non-friendly habits with the setting, tech is here to help. Otherwise, we are unable to wear invisible ecologic cloaks, or close to ending zoo animals living in captivity to better preserve our species, among other marvels that occur when tech collide with anything in whatever atmosphere it booms.

Technology in Four Wheels: 2k17 Concept Cars!

In most cases, concept cars are slightly disguised versions of automobiles about to be produced and made solely for promotional purposes. In any case, The manufacturers do not stop surprising us with their proposalsWhich recently prefer to explore options for the future of the eco-friendly but majestically advanced and futuristic vehicle.

It is impossible to know how many of these vehicles can reach the production lines, but for now, it is worth enjoying the risks that manufacturers take and keep working to fulfill the piggy bank to get one of those fantastic machines.

Are you ready? Say thanks to events like The CES, or The Geneva Motor Show that opened to the public Thursday, which means a host of new, wild 2k17 concept cars.

Flying cars are not a dream anymore, but maybe they are not what we expected: An electric two-seater that can be airlifted by a drone! The car has a range of 100 kilometers (62 miles).

Concept Car designed by Airbus Italdesign, a design and engineering company.

Will we ever see it become a reality? The only thing we are sure is that it does speak to Airbus‘ plan to build Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicles for urban transit.

Volkswagen Sedric

What’s getting trendy for 2k17 is the self-driving ability. Some might remember what Disney did try to warn humans on Wall-E about laziness, but actually, the car’s artificial intelligence would simplify life a lot because it would help with; to find its parking spot, drop kids off at an extracurricular activity, and pick up packages by it self.

The celebrated beetle brand will start turning their vehicles into personal robotic assistants with high-tech windshields and giant OLED eyes, black swing doors, and no driver controls. It comes with an external button so owners can hail it at a whim.


Rinspeed — Oasis 

As I said at the very beginning, technology has its piece of cake for everyone, so this one goes for those who think green is good and should be spread everywhere.

The garden is tucked right behind the windshield.

A vehicle that has an actual garden, complete with Bonsai trees and radishes, and is still groundbreaking with included tools like a massive touchscreen display from Harman; comes with voice and gesture control and can also alert you of upcoming obstacles with a heads-up display on the windshield.

In other news, the brand envisions the vehicle being used on a ride-sharing setting, where a person can select which passenger to ride with through a Tinder-like app Wild and creepy at the same time, huh?




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