I have been there and I can bet you have been there too! When you thought nothing could possibly go off balance on that big occasion with the lifeblood that connects you to the outside world- your cell phone decides to sabotage your plans by running out of power.

It might have been in the middle of a journey to nowhere, midway of that God-sent internship interview or a wake-up alarm that won’t go off. It irks, to say the least.

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Smartphone battery its undoing

It’s quite unfortunate that the smartphone gadget manufacturers haven’t matched the level of phones functionality sophistication with that of the battery charge capacity. It’s an engineering challenge that is highly probable not to be solved anytime soon.


Until then, power banks will remain your most viable option to charge your portable USB-powered gadget while on the go. You can take it to the bank.

Portable power banks come in all shapes and sizes with each brand promising to sort out your smartphone’s short battery life. JOAAO Ultra Slim power bank in principle assures you of a sustained power supply that never again would you have to interrupt your daily chores to plug in your device.

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What About JOAAO Ultra Slim Power Bank?

The JOAAO power bank as presented by the manufacturer boasts of the below product features:

  • LED Touchscreen: What better way to keep track of the power level in your power bank than having a battery capacity indicator? The JOAAO ultra-slim is fitted with a LED touch screen that will give you an indication of the remaining power charge.
  • Lightweight smartphone inspired designed: Weighing 12.35 oz at the size of 6.89 inches long by 0.5inches wide by 4.76 inches high, JOAAO power bank qualifies the tag branding of ‘ultra slim’ in every definition of the word. Effortlessly move along with it in your garment pocket.
  • Dual USB port: be the saving grace of your workmates by simultaneously charging your phones.
  • Safety precautions: JOAAO comes fitted with circuit controls as well as an auto shut off to minimize device charging related accidents.
  • Battery charge capacity: boasting of a 20000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery, featuring twin varying outputs ratings; JOAAO power bank is an indemnity to run all your phone applications you need. Don’t hold back. Unleash the Pokémon Go!

Standing Tall Among its Peers

Backed by years of experience reviewing power banks product, it takes something extra special to pull a surprise on me. Going against the grain of engineering designs of a power bank, I find JOAAO to be refreshing. Why? With a capacity of 20000mAh, it’s without a shadow of doubt too big for its own size and weight! It takes approximately 9 hours for a full charge with a “return of investment “of up to 1000 recharges.

To put it into perspective, it takes a brand new smartphone battery-rated 4000mAh approximately 6 hours when in full operation. Using the JOAAO as your backup power bank we are staring at an additional 30 hours of usage without a plug-in!

JOAAO Ultra Slim power bank Versatility

Gone are the days when power banks were fitted with single USB ports.  Confining you to charging only specific gadget brands. Charging the tide, JOAAO features dual USB ports of two with two output power ratings. Charging two devices of different brands be it iPhone or Samsung simultaneously for is a plus.

The smart charge technology to prevent accidental charging problems, as well as the option of quick smart charge option, is the icing on the cake of the JOAAO power bank.  Plug your gadget and the JOAAO power bank determines, on your behalf, the best output voltage recharge for your phone and cut it out once fully charged!

Potential Deal Breakers?

When it comes to the product feature of quick charge, in fair comparison there are a small handful of superior brands in the market that go for a similar list price of $99.99. This is partly occasioned by the laid back USB charging technology employed by JOAAO. Compatibility with USB-C cable would be a better option for a quick charge.

Deal or No Deal?

JOAAO power bank nearly checks all the boxes of an ideal power bank: small enough? Check. Featherweight? Check.  Charge capacity long enough to last all day? Check. For the reduced price of $39.99, you could get yourself JOAAO ultra-slim power bank from Amazon and explore the unlimited potential of your smartphone device.

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This is a sponsored review written by TechDigg for JOAAO. All opinions are 100% ours. 




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