Upcoming Model Y Features

American electric carmaker, Tesla is set to expand the lineup to include a new compact SUV which is going to slot behind the Model X. It is to be dubbed the Model Y and is set to fill out the carmaker range that already includes the Model S sedan and the more economical Model 3.

According to a report issued by the Autocar, the Tesla Model Y is going to be ready for public consumption by 2018. It is then going to enter production later the same year. Company CEO; Elon Musk claims that the vehicle is going to use falcon wing rear doors such as the ones found on the Model X. The Model Y is based according to the same platform as the Model 3.

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Upcoming Model Y Features

After the merger the company did with Solar-City, it is expected to create a version of the solar panels that would be placed on top of the vehicles. If this would roll out on the Model Y, then customers are going to be able to charge their cars while it is parked or even when they are driving during the day.


Elon Musk had already stated that the feature may be included with the upcoming model 3 and may not be very costly. The Model is also expected to come with a heads-up dashboard display that is going to a have a spaceship feel to it similar to the layout that is available with the Model 3 about which the CEO talked about on social media.

What this means for Tesla

While the Model 3 is the main priority for Tesla, the upcoming Model Y may establish itself as a goldmine for the company because of a rising popularity of the crossover segment in America and the filling of that gap by the model.

The Model 3 and Model Y are going to sport the updated independent hardware which is going to allow Tesla to provide full autonomous driving capacities. Future models will allow for a 360-degree view of the surrounding road and environment because of integrative operation of cameras, ultrasonic sensors and radar.

Musk also claims the Tesla Model Y will come available with more robust computer features. Apparently, this is to allow the vehicle to offer a completely autonomous form of driving. For this to happen, the computer will have to be 40 times stronger than the norm with the current Tesla lineup.



Model Y Prototype

The idea and concept behind the Model Y are not so far off. According to Musk, Tesla plans to show off the prototype versions of the electric pickup truck and semi later this year. Considering the Model Y had been scheduled to be released before either of the two truck models is an indication of the possibility of a rollout soon.


The Model Y is part of the corporation’s plans to increase annual vehicle production. The company is looking to make half a million vehicles in 2018 and would like to reach the ‘million’ figure by 2020.

Increase of annual vehicle production

The rush to increase the production levels is a bid to increase profits on the business. A total of 2 billion dollars has been injected into the franchise since 2010 in order to construct the Giga-factory battery plant and to expand the production all the way to 500,000 units a year by 2019.

Even though the Freemont-based corporation would deliver about 76,000 vehicles in the past year, it claimed that it was able to build 2000 models per week by the second half of the year. The objective is to build 100,000 units of the Model 3 by the end of 2017.

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