Twitter accounts hacked early on Wednesday


Several Twitter accounts were hijacked early on Wednesday under the hashtag Nazialmanya and Nazihollanda. The attacks mainly compromised high profile media outlets and their Twitter users according to the Huffington Post Australia editor Josh Butler.

Mr. Butler said many hundreds of compromised accounts including @Forbes, @BBC America, @Atlanta_Police, @CBSTVStudios, @Bieber_Japan, sports teams and other verified users sent out a tweet in the Turkish language last night.

This is the latest in a series of incidents which have shaken the security department of Twitter as they have repeatedly been compromised by extremist groups online. The latest attack is just one in a long line of incidents that have crippled the social media giant over the last few years.

Groups behind President Erdogan?   Twitter

Apparently, Turkish groups behind President Erdogan were behind the attack with fears that hundreds of Twitter accounts were being hacked every second. The content of the tweet itself was in Turkish and carried Nazi insignia and the accounts were mostly high profile media outlets.


Chillingly, the tweets carried a Nazi swastika followed by the hashtag #Nazialmanya, which translates as Nazi mania and #Nazihollanda. The content of the tweet proclaimed, “This gives you a little #OttomanSlap” and “see you on April 16” with a link to a video of the Turkish President Erdogan.


Twitter hacks increasingly common

The office of the Turkish President has refused to comment at the time of the hacks going public, but it is likely that they will not claim any connection to the attacks. Online hacking has become a disturbing weapon of choice for fundamentalist groups with many terrorist organizations such as ISIS having their own Twitter accounts posting violent propaganda despite being monitored and blocked by the social network.

Twitter has claimed that it is repeatedly working on improving its security standards, but so far the attacks have been relentless, and the fundamentalists seem to get through the barriers.


No statement from Twitter yet

Twitter has also not released a statement at the time of the news breaking into the feeds of their users. There has been, however, an anticipation of hacker- led attacks on Twitter accounts for the past year or so. At the SciFoo Conference in Googleplex, Mountainview last year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey mentioned how the programming that goes into making Twitter a safe space had to be frequently upgraded in order to ensure the website meets security standards. Twitter recently blocked a couple of Alt-right user accounts in the US for hate mongering, including that of Milo Yiannopoulos.


Facebook secure

Facebook has done a better job regarding user account protection and safety when compared to Twitter over the past few years. Although Mark Zuckerberg is frequently criticized for his decisions to tweak Facebook privacy settings which might compromise the personal details of his user base, by and large, he retains a tight control on the security restrictions in place in Facebook.

Facebook has also been the target of numerous hacker attacks over the last few years from different organizations that try to get attention and push their agenda, but in general, the website has defended its user base from attacks.

More hacks on their way?


The threats mentioned in Wednesday’s tweets might just be the beginning of the series of attacks which might aim to cripple social media users over the next few weeks if security experts are to be believed.

A lot of security tips have been issued over the media in order to inform the public to keep their profile safe and protected. The problem, however, lies with the company itself. Regardless of the precautions taken to safeguard passwords, if the security apparatus has a flaw, it would ultimately cripple all the accounts and, for now, Twitter has a lot to answer for.





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