Like an embattled relationship, schooling and entertainment share a long but rather ambiguous union. Showing all the characteristics of something brewing up, more often than not, they are always found within the same circles. Taken to task to define their union, the response is never satisfactory-“we are good friends. Nothing more.” But occasionally, their bitter rivalry is displayed with calls that education is akin to watching grass grow. Yes, it’s that boring. While entertainment is ever about horsing around.

Viewed separately, education and entertainment give a false perception of two items with conflicting interest. With education being picked as the preferred choice to cultivate a sense of maturity and knowledge.

The basic prerequisite for a successful employment career. On the other hand, entertainment is viewed as a distraction towards a noble career course. However, the true position remains that education and entertainment can overlap giving rise to what is termed as edutainment- where students hope to reap the rewards from both sides of the divide.  

In Lenovo Game State Code and Play Adventure, you have a vivid example of just how gaming can stimulate and motivate STEM-based education long after class hours.


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An Overview of GameState Code & Play Adventure

As the name suggests, Game State Code & Play Adventure is a computer based video game that tutors participants the fundamentals of coding. Unlike ordinary computer games, where a participant uses pre-coded keys on the computer to control on-screen characters, in Code & Play Adventure, emphasis is placed on writing those instructions (codes) to walk through the screen character towards a specific task.

For instance, the basic entry level, allows participants to select the programming language from a drop down menu consisting of the default python, javascript, coffee script and Lua.

Designed To Take You Through The Steps Of Coding

The basic level begins by selecting the preferred character and armor. After which you shall be a signed a simple task of collecting a gem while avoiding the spikes. The smooth learning curve begins by carefully considering the steps which the screen character would follow so as to avoid the spikes. Typed correctly, you win. An incorrect syntax is your death kneel.

The complexity of the game also increases with each level. New commands (loops and variables) are used to spice up each new level while task also shifts. A handsome reward of diamonds marks the end of a successfully completed stage.

The diamonds are the currency of the game need to upgrade your armor and arsenal of navigating through the task. A well-thought strategy to keep participants motivated to move to the next stage.

Don’t Panic! You Will Pull Through Even Minus Coding Experience

The game is fashioned on the basic tenets of teaching. A smooth introduction which metamorphosizes to a complex interactive game as you learn the ropes. The advanced stages feature complex puzzles that are good food for gamers and coders minds.

When completely stranded, the program features a hint and tutorials icon to help you out. Kind of a teacher to help you master the hard concept.

Skills And Lessons Nurtured

The Game State Code & Play Adventure presents an opportunity for both kids and adults who are interested in computer programming a springboard to develop an interest in the world of computer programming.

Going through the games, you will need to employ critical thinking and problem-solving skills to successfully navigate the screen character through the obstacles of the game. The beauty of it is that, it’s a hands-on kind of game that the participant has to write a code using computer language to move the screen characters. Fashioning all these skills in a game makes perceived hard to learn, subjects less intimidating.

Through the community game portal, participants engage with the world showcasing their coding talent. A true hallmark of developing kids interest in the Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics to stabilize the dwindling numbers of S.T.E.M professionals.

The aspect of being a game further places emphasis on practice. The more you indulge in the game, the higher the chances of developing the content mastery. That feeling of being in a code school is completely relegated as the student enjoy playing. In the real sense of it students are actually learning to code!

Any Cost Attached To The Game?

The game’s tutorial is a partnership between Lenovo Game State, Intel, and Code Combat that is offered absolutely free of charge to all who are interested in developing their skills in computer programming language.  

It debuted in January Lenovo Game State is a free online destination where 2017 with the current version expected to run until the end of the third month of 2017. All it takes to participate is registration.

To entice students into enrolling and hence further develop their knowledge, the Code & Play Adventure rewards all participants that hail from US, UK, and Germany with a sweepstake ticket for a chance to win Lenovo merchandise for every stage successfully completed.  

Just like they say practice makes perfect, your chance of winning a scholarship worth $2,500 to a coding school is greatly increased with each extra game you play. You have limited time. Register before the 31st day of March 2017 at to stand a chance of winning the $2,500 scholarship.


This is a sponsored post written by TechDigg on behalf of Lenovo GameState. All opinions expressed our 100% ours. 





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