If you’re looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S8, and if you love shooting slow-motion videos (i.e. filming yourself walking away from a massive explosion in slow-motion like a “Fast and Furious” movie), then you’re about to enter slow-mo paradise.

According to a new report from Korean publication Naver, which SamMobile covered, the Samsung Galaxy S8’s camera will have the ability to shoot slow-motion at 1000 fps. That’s more than eight times faster than the iPhone 7.

screenshot of 1000 fps similar to what samsung galaxy s8 might look likeScreenshot from a Vimeo film by Cinematographer Greg Wilson and Director Brendan Bellomo (Vision Research, Abel CineTech, using Phantom Flex4K Digital Cinema Camera) as an example of what 1000 fps looks like in slow motion. (See link below for full film.)

What the Samsung Galaxy S8 Might Look Like as a Hollywood Action Film


Okay, so what. What does 1000 fps look like?

Basically, it looks like the slow-mo fighting scenes of the film “300” shrunk onto the screen on your phone.

To give you a sense for what 1000 fps can do, below is footage shot by a camera that has 1000 fps. To be clear, this is not the Samsung Galaxy, and the new Samsung Galaxy S8 might, of course, have a different look, but this video gives you a feel for how detailed 1000 fps can be in slow motion. The detail of the objects, how you can see every little feature of the coin as it spins, for example, is incredible:

(And if you’d like to see what a professional filmmaking team can do with 1000 fps on a more advanced camera, this firefighting in slow motion video is a must-see.)

To provide some reference, the following is a video of the iPhone 7’s slow-mo capability, which only has 60 fps. Keep in mind that, if reports are true, the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera will be over eight times as fast as this:

This new 1000 fps capability will allegedly be on the rear camera sensor on the S8. Samsung accomplished this by adding dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) on the image sensor itself, which boosts the image transmission rate of the lens.

Reportedly, the S8 will also have 1) an 8MP front-facing lens that can autofocus and ensure your selfies are crystal clear, and 2) an RGB iris scanner that enhances the phone’s security with tech that scans your eye like something out of a “Mission Impossible” movie.

Samsung will hold its unveiling of the S8 on March 29, called the “Unpacked” event. If you can’t attend, you can tune into the live stream at the Samsung Unpacked page.





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