The PlayStation 3 launched in 2006 and will soon be laid to rest after an impressive run. Sony has quietly been updating the PlayStation 3 listing on the Japanese site to say that production on the console would be coming to an end.

Since last year, Sony has been trying to retire the console. In October they released the last first party PlayStation title, and by August, the console is not going to access PS.

The 500GB super slim PlayStation 3 model with the sliding top disc tray is the only model that Sony continues to produce. Every other model exited production when Sony released the unit in 2012, which is a year before the launch of PlayStation 4.


Even though PlayStation 4 is going to celebrate its fourth birthday in November of this year, Sony has been barely supportive of the console.

Console History

The PlayStation 3 came out at the same time as the X-Box 360, but the scenario at the time was a reverse of the current situation. The X-Box 360 had a head-start in the market, and with the lack of exclusive games, it resulted in Sony losing revenue with each PlayStation 3 that was sold up until 2010 when the console started to hit its stride.

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Then a funny thing happened. PlayStation 3’s production hindered the launch sales and takeoff of the PlayStation 4. At first, it was thought as such a popular console that consumers did not want to replace it with the PlayStation 4. However, it appears that Sony is going to be joining Microsoft in their efforts to force gamers to move to the next generation of consoles.

This has been the case for the past several years where the developers slowly strip the updates and features from the legacy consoles to force the gamers to move on, even though they want to keep the older consoles. It also means PlayStation 3 consoles are going into the vintage status which increases their value due to rarity.

What this means

The end of production does not mean anything will happen to the existing consoles, however, support will be cut off and Sony is likely to slow down updates at the same time. This may mean that problems with online services and the digital downloads may go unfixed for a period of time or in perpetuity.

Even though Microsoft does not provide sales for X-box any longer, the recent numbers which have been released by the analysts, suggest Sony still leads the gaming console market with the PS4 selling twice the number of units of Xbox One in 2016.Apparently, the global console market is going to decline at a rate of 13 percent over the next four years because of constant issues from the alternative gaming platforms including online gaming, mobile gaming, and PC gaming.

Though once the next generation gaming consoles are available, the market outlook would be poised to change. According to Technavio, a company in the tech research and advisory field, the gaming console market is influenced by the launch of next generation gaming consoles.

Considering the next generation of gaming consoles is probably going to be launched in 2019 to 2020, the market is expected to witness growth going forward.

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