Federico Olivares has developed a new and astounding product to help save your head. This innovative product helps to prevent concussions, being so common in the sports world. Federico Olivares started developing the product when his son fell from his bike and hit his head on the cement, only wearing a bike helmet.

He said,

“I felt helpless and knew at that moment that I had to do something about this, for me and for other parents. If there was one product that could add protection to any sports helmet, what would it look like?”

and so it begun.

2nd Skull: What’s its use?


Being called the 2nd Skull, it comes as a cap in which to wear under a helmet in sports such as hockey; it also comes in a headband for non-helmet sports like volleyball and basketball. It may seem strange to wear, but it has amazing technology within its fabric that help to protect your head.

What kind of technology?

It has a thin layer of something called XRP which is extremely lightweight and an extreme impact protection material made from urethane molecules. Urethane is soft and flexible but can momentarily harden under pressure.

It is also flexible and fits perfectly to the user’s head, making it comfortable to wear. It also has the unique factor of having antimicrobial protection, which means that its materials fight against odors and sweat stains.

The Technology within

Who is wearing it?

So far, the product has been worn by many professional athletes such as Brian Quick who is a wide receiver for Los Angeles. Meghan Klingenberg, a defender and world champion in US Women’s National Soccer Team, has also joined in wearing 2nd Skull on the field.

Brian Quick supporting the 2nd Skull

Many other athletes are beginning to wear the 2nd Skull to help protect themselves, as well as, show everyone around the world that it can be cool and safe.

Though, it’s clearly stated on the website that the product cannot be linked to stopping the concussions or any other injuries such as head, back, and neck injuries. Statistics on the site show significant improvement to any injury or preventing the injury when wearing 2nd Skull. The link at the bottom of the article will show the site.





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