Welcome to the XXI century: gay marriage approved in some locations around the world, legal cannabis in others, and Internet as the kingdom to be conquered and who rules worldwide.

A period in the timeline of history where after all, it is not just about another happy hippie-vibe revolution, but the tearing down of some walls and barriers that are allowing all of us to feel the planet has a reserved spot for each of us no matter your sex, skin color, or social status.

In this manner, because of the Internet whether you accept it or not a moment to be interconnected like never before, and accompanied by two free-choice behaviors to follow: to raise awareness of others, or on the other hand, light up the digital bombs and start a cyber rebellion.


So in a non-rigid, free world, at least more than before, it still might seem too romantic to dream about living in peace…

The Internet is Safe, but Refresh Your Password Again This Month

In the not too distant past, the most horrific wars were started because of invasions, some archduke murder or a simple refusing of signing any treaty. After the creation of Internet, although it may seem all giggles and fun, the war turned virtual.

If the rigid people were left behind by the fast changing society of the future, what would be a reason to a world fight? Get creative adding one of those next to the phrase “Internet and…”

  1. It is very easy to spread erroneous information.
  2. (De)Control of our personal information.
  3. The sophisticated industry of attempted control by various governments.

And ironically, web pages often ask you to change your password once a month so you can be safe, ha!

May the Internet be the Battlefield of a World War?

Resultado de imagen para hackers

I know some might think I’m a scaremonger. I have to recognize there are incredible advances over the web like the new Facebook dislike button and other advances that have forever changed our lifestyle, so nothing like freshly baked news to justify since not everybody dares to show the dark side of the Internet publicly!

Two spies and two Russian cyber-criminals, accused by the US of hacking Yahoo

All of them were allegedly hired by the Kremlin to steal data from 500 million users of the technology company Yahoo in 2014. Besides, they are old acquaintances for the Justice of the USA.

Resultado de imagen para yahoo hack

The target of the attack was to steal data to spy on Russian government and journalists, and officials of the US government.

Alexeï Belan, one of the most wanted cyber-criminals after several convictions for similar crimes in 2012 and 2013, and Canadian-Kazakh Karim Baratov, who was arrested Tuesday in Canada, are two of the names that have come to light at a press conference by one of the US Justice Department’s investigators, Mary McCord.

Hacked hundreds of Twitter accounts to spread support messages to Turkish President Erdogan

Among the affected institutions are UNICEF, Amnesty International, and certain media business such as the BBC, Reuters, Forbes, Russia Today in Spanish, the German daily Die Welt and Borussia Dortmund football club.

The messages include a swastika, the terms “Nazi Germany” and “Nazi Holland,” and the phrase: “#nazigermany #nazinetherlands this is a little #ottomanslap see you on #april16 what did I write? LEARN Turkish.”
The pirate message includes a video of Erdogan and is presented as an endorsement of the president in his confrontation with European governments and media.





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