“With age comes wisdom,” as the common phrase goes, but in the Internet world, with old company accounts comes trust.

On a broader perspective, search engines love aged credentials; this is especially true for old eBay accounts. Even if it has no valuable content, odds are, they will perform better than a new website. This logic has led many people preferring to buy an eBay account.

Anyone who has used eBay understands the power that older accounts hold. Many business owners know this and usually have low expectations at the beginning of owning a new eBay account with their sights set on not getting “banned” rather than competing.

It takes a delicate balance to be successful on eBay, if you’re new, it’s unfortunate and sad to say that many fail on this first handle. But you need to understand the benefits of having an aged eBay account to understand the power it truly wields.

Old eBay accounts are trusted by the company


EBay usually has caps for new sellers, and they cannot sell beyond a certain number of items nor beyond a certain amount of revenue every month. The primary reason for the strict regulations is to prevent shady business deals.

Restricted from selling certain items on your eBay account

eBay is a place you can sell virtually anything. This makes it the perfect spot for people to sell illegal items or try their hand at money laundering practices. New eBay accounts are under a microscopic eye for the company, and anything you do that they feel in the slightest is contrary to their terms leads to suspension of the eBay account. Aged accounts, though, are still monitored, but not to the same scrutiny as a new eBay account is.

The belief is that the account must be in good standing to stay active that long. Therefore, with an aged eBay account, you have the trust of eBay and can list items that new accounts cannot. With an aged eBay account, you have unlimited listing capabilities.

Older accounts have trust in the eBay community

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It’s one thing having the trust of eBay, the company; it’s an entirely different ball game to have the confidence of the eBay community.

The Internet is not the most trusting place, to put it lightly. Remember, you will most likely do business with someone you have never seen, don’t know where they are or will ever meet. Odds are, you may not feel very trusting when doing the transaction.

But what helps you make that decision is often customer reviews and the period this eBay account has been in existence.

More than likely, you will look at the number of transactions the company has made. If there are many, then you will know they deliver what they promise, otherwise, all those people wouldn’t do business with them.

The power of positive feedback

Next, you will look at the feedback and see if it is positive. The more positive feedback, the more likely you are going to proceed to do business with them.

Lastly, you will look at the accounts creation year. Most of the time this is what makes or breaks the deal. Again, great trust comes with aged eBay accounts. Many people use unscrupulous means to alter their feedback and transaction history.

I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time someone created over one hundred eBay accounts to fool the system and send positive feedback and transactions to their primary account. Sure, eBay will eventually catch up with them, but as a buyer are you ready to risk it?

This is where age comes in and is so important; it is virtually impossible to forge the age of an eBay account.

Better Traffic to your account


EBay search engines work primarily as any other search engines, through keywords and authority. The better your eBay page is optimized, the better your chances are having buyers get to it. But, building authority takes precious time. The possibility of an aged account ranking better than a new account, even if the old eBay account is not optimized, is very high.

However, if you have an aged account and optimize the page well, then your search engine ranking will rise.

Top Rated Accounts wants to change online selling by allowing you to buy an eBay account

Sure, giving your eBay account time to mature is a good option. But imagine this situation, your business is booming on the ground because you have a fantastic product. But, you cannot reflect this success on eBay due to their stringent restrictions.

Top Rated Accounts wants to change all of this by allowing you to buy an eBay account on demand. The company’s website says, “If you are getting restricted by eBay or Amazon’s selling limits or strict rules then, you have come to the right place.”

It’s CEO Daniel Butler says, “This way, you can strike when your business is still hot and ensure your eBay business catches up with your business on the ground, and then grow them simultaneously. This ensures your business has no growing caps or hiccups.”

When asked about terms of service issues or the legality of things he says, “We require all sellers to gain permission before they sell their account. Sometimes eBay allows this and sometimes they don’t.”

Only time will tell if this is a “new way” of boosting your online sales and if it will become a more mainstream practice.




  1. Most get suspended for various reasons and look to get back on by creating another account or buying one. I was looking at buying one from Auction Essistance, but I usually create a ton of them as back ups. Buying them would only be good if you are in a rush.


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