Remember that trip you took to Vegas with your old college friends? Or the destination wedding you went to in Hawaii that you spent way too much money to attend? Or what about your 25th birthday that you spent road tripping across California? What’s the one thing these all have in common? Memories with those you were with and the photos to prove it all happened.

Google, one of the largest companies in all-things-tech, knows how you feel. You always have to pull your phone out to find that one photo from three years ago every time you want to show it off. Google’s new social app is focused on changing the way we share photos with our family and friends.

Not just another social app

Yes, Google is known for the multitude of products and services they have given to the world, but this small endeavor is quite different. According to sources at Google HQ, the app is somewhat like Path, which the company tried to acquire in 2011, with a little sprinkle of Snapchat.


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The social app, which has yet to be named, is reportedly just an experiment for now, which is a very ‘Google’ way to put it. The company is always experimenting with many things at any given time, so their information can be a little misleading – exactly how they like it.

What the app’s purpose?

The app is described as a photo editing app (I know, we have too many of those already), but the difference is that it allows you to upload and edit photos along with all of your friends on the same platform. You can add filters, crop the image, and add text, and much more, while also sharing the changes live with anyone you choose.

By opening up the application to be more social, Google is creating something unlike anything else out there. It’s like a messenger app, social communication app, and a photo editor all-in-one.

Why this app, and why now?

Now seems to be the best time for the tech giant to introduce a new project to the world. With this past week’s announcement of Clips by Apple, as well as the growing use of Facebook’s Moments and Instagram… being Instagram, Google is putting their hat in the ring with something that is different enough to make us curious,  yet simple enough for us to know how to use it already. Plus, any app that’s backed by Google is sure to please the masses.

Google also has the resources to pull something like this off. The company will also input some of its own computer vision expertise and technology – which the company currently uses across YouTube, Google Photos, and the platform’s image search – to gain the trust of users and create a smooth interface.

This technology will also be use to identify objects in images for tagging and organization, help edit and apply changes to photos, as well as search for specific images or albums within the social app.

We could expect the app’s release to come around Google’s I/O event in May, which the company has used to announce products and services in the past – like with Duo and Allo.

It will be interesting to see the final product, especially since Google hasn’t exactly been too successful in social media before (See: Google+). It is cool to see some innovation, though. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual acquisition method tech companies use to release applications in a new genre.

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