Darren Vancil created a new and unique raft design that will lessen the risk of getting thrown into the water. So far, the Creature Craft is only made for white water rafting, but Darren’s team has also made the Rescue Raft. Both are meant to bring added safety to the water and minimize the risk of falling in.

Rescue Craft

First, let’s talk about the Creature Craft

The Creature Craft has a unique triangular design that will help to turn the raft over more easily in the event it flips.

Made from a PVC Urethane blend that is glued and welded together, it has twelve individual chambers that serve different purposes. Four of which are on the top of the raft, or the elevated chambers. The elevated chambers create a pivot point in the event the raft flips. If the raft were on its side, the elevated chambers will make it easier to turn upright.

The bottom is a heavy frame, meaning that the top is like a roll cage. In the water, the Creature Craft acts like a buoy in rough water where the craft is forced to the heavier side by the waves. In the event of an emergency, every seat is set up with a quick release system which allows a person to quickly unstrap themselves if necessary.


Prices start range from $4,995-$8,495 for this epic raft.

Creature Craft

Now, the Rescue Craft

The Rescue Craft can take two different forms to make it possible for various rescue mission scenarios. It can perform in white water rapids, flooded waterways, ice rescues, and ocean breakers, which makes it an extremely versatile rescue raft. Through development and plenty of research, the Rescue Craft has been dubbed, “Water Hog.”

With the use of Water Hog, the possibility of falling into the water during a rescue mission is greatly lessened by the roll cage within the raft. It has a space within the raft that can offer a work space for rescuers, swimmers and divers. The Water Hog can be equipped with a motor instead of having the rescuers paddle to people.

Prices for the Water Hog-1 start at $12,500

Water Hog-2 starts at $15,500

With this development in rafts, it is easy to believe that people may never again need to worry about the dangers that lay within the waters; that you may never need to be worried about going out on the water.

This incredible new line of rafts will be responsible for those beliefs and may soon be responsible for lessening the risk and dangers of water sports and activities.

Here is the Creature Craft website to take a closer look.

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