Are you a scared of a little obscurity…down the road?

The Mystery of the Smurfs
Get lost into the unknown world of the Smurfs!

The whole new take on the SMURFS animation sequel is just around the corner! Sonny Picture Entertainment can’t help the urge to get us on an exciting adventure into an enigmatic world filled with magical creatures! Our clumsy friends invite us on a stirring journey into the “Forbidden Forest” where a legendary “lost village” is believed to have been resting there.

However, there’s a trick – the mystic lost village has to be discovered by no other than the Smurfs and leaves the notorious wizard, Gargamel, with no chance of finding it first.  In the upcoming sequence entitled “The Lost Village,” there happens to be a baffling map that has Smurfette and her closest pals – Hefty, Clumsy, etc., – on a trip through the hazardous forest where mystique creatures are lurking around.

The blue-skinned Smurfs embark on a course which will get them on the road full of danger and action simply to discover a long-forgotten secret in the plotline presented by The Smurfs series!

The lost village, April 7, 2017
SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE is coming soon!

What happens along the way is that the deepest and most protected mystery behind the origin of the blue-colored creatures, and gets somewhat revealed. While watching the trailers, a lot of questions come to mind regarding their teeny-tiny houses made from mushrooms, etc.

Good guys vs bad guys: The vicious wizard Gargamel

“Oh, I’ll fry a few and pickle a few and use the rest for gold”

Gargamel vs smurfs
Gargamel is back! What are his chances of “winning”?

Do you remember the greatest antagonist of all times named Gargamel aka Gargy?

Of course, you do. There’s no escape from bad old Gargy, also known as the “bad cop,” in our favorite tiny and blue family animation.

For those of you who’re still wondering, “What on earth we are talking about?” Get prepared for the evil creature whose wicked motives are addressed towards the cute blue-skinned Smurfs.

What does this baleful wizard need them for, you might ask? What an excellent question – since movie 1 and 2, he hasn’t stopped lurking around his deepest wish to catch, eat and destroy a Smurf. What’s more, turning our cute little blue pals into gold is one of his wildest dreams depicted in the storyline.

Get to know the whole cool “squad”!

Where does Gargamel’s hatred come from?

If truth be told, there can’t be much explanation going on behind the existing hatred of the evil wizard. He just loathes them on many levels. Naturally, we can always travel back in time and arrive at the conclusion that Gargy simply loathes them for stealing his giant growth spell/formula, and so Gargy would do anything he could to take vengeance for such an ugly and odious trick by those “unsavory little blue creatures.”

Top celebrities in the SMURFS series

Find out which A-lister actors/actresses take part in the great animation movie!

Julia Roberts and Demi Lovato playing in the movie?

You’re right! Another great thing about the upcoming sequence of this lovely family movie is that it presents an A-list cast voicing essential Smurf characters! Let’s take Julia Roberts as an excellent example of the perfect movie cast.

Well, fans of the sequence will probably recognize their voices since they voice basic figures in the animation movie, such as Smurfette voiced by the gorgeous pop singer Demi Lovato.

Demi in Smurfs: The Lost Village
Pop singer Demi Lovato stars in the new animation series!

Moreover, Sony Pictures Animation had a press conference focusing on the movie characters and plot twists alongside Demi’s take on the movie. Provided that you’re not a die-hard fan of the riveting Smurfs legendary story, you should probably know a few significant viewpoints here.

Undoubtedly, there’s a whole myriad of factors making the loved Smurfs series such a legendary and heavily anticipated movie addiction. Thus, the hype surrounding the official release date of The Smurfs: The Lost Village is well-founded and understood.

Considered as an undying and classic plot story, the family 3D animation is often compared to many other adventurous Hollywood productions belonging to the list of only high-quality movie projects. Additionally, Sony Picture Animation didn’t fail to excite us with a wide variety of trailers early on.

Smurfs: Unmask the mystery
The new animation movie trailers offer us a long-desired peep into the unknown!

In some of them, we see Papa Smurf as an “equitable” creature that’s punishing the little troublesome Smurfs for not obeying the rules and crossing the borders. Smurfette – voiced by Demi Lovato – gets grounded for leaving Smurf Village. However, her best pals don’t get away with it either.

Regardless of their punishments, the cute little ones set off on a private mission, the goal of which, is to get the word out of the arrival and reappearance of the notorious wizard.

Rainn Wilson voices Gargamel in Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation’s SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE

If you want to find out more about the adventurous nature of our sweet little rogues, stay tuned and browse through our favorite pick of clips!

And last but not least – keep it together a little longer since The Smurfs: The Lost Village sequence is bound to appeal us soon! Are you excited?

Check our top pick of trailers:

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3.Relive the story once more!

4.Don’t miss out on The Smurfs: Lost in the Village!

5.Demi Lovato stars in SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE

Essential movie details:

Director: Kelly Asbury

Genre: Animation/Comedy/Family

Written by: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Cast: Demi Lovato, Mandi Patinkin, and Rainn Wilson

Rating by IMBD: 6.9

Runtime: 89 min

Production Co: Columbia Pictures

Release date: In theaters April 7

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