Nintendo has been around for what seems like forever, and rightly so due to their simplistic approach when it comes to gaming. The gaming industry has seen such drastic revamping over the last couple of years, so much so, that the fate of the home console industry itself is actually in question whether it will survive into the next generation.

Gaming recently has gotten so far away from the purity of what gaming is about, which is having fun and enjoying the game. The industry is flooded with exclusives and the race to see who can get their hands on what first, that many companies forget to actually produce quality content.



The gaming industry has fallen into the same rut as the movie industry has fallen victim to. Reboot after reboot with the significant lack of original content. This is no surprise as gaming is a business first and foremost, and mitigating risks in an industry where a gaming flop can fold a company. So, remastering guarantees gaming hits to generate income seems a safer route.

Enter Nintendo

Nintendo understands the core fundamentals of gaming. The majority of their games inherently posses the fun “pick up and play” trait about them. Just mentioning Mario can grab the attention of an older person or perk the ears of almost any youth.

Nintendo is Viral Gaming

The social aspect of Nintendo is what keeps the company breathing in such a competitive market. While games like Call Of Duty and Madden are also cult classics, it’s more likely the stranger on the street is more familiar with and has played a Nintendo related game. Mobile gaming is really going head to head with home consoles and handhelds due to the ubiquity of the cell phone and tablets.

Nintendo has been making cell phone-esqe type games before mobile gaming was a thing. Games like Snake dominated the heavily pixelated mobile gaming market as the majority of mobile owners had low-resolution cell phones, like the Nokia 3390 whose primary use was to actually make phone calls and gaming, while other things came secondary.

While games get more complex with storytelling and graphics, Nintendo always seems to remember why people game in the first place, to have fun.

What’re your favorite Nintendo titles of all time?

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  1. It is like Miyamoto said, “Video games should enhance and add to your life, not destroy it.” A video game does not need to be addictive in order to be fun. Nintendo makes games that are super challenging, cerebral, polished, and fun — without being addictive. My favorite Nintendo games are Fire Emblem, Zelda, Smash Bros, and Super Mario.


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