Superheroes have taken over TechDigg.

TechDigg is known mostly for its intriguing pieces on new technology, trends in cutting edge science, and current events, but we’re excited to announce something new.

A group of superheroes has stormed the TechDigg virtual high-rise and taken over our editorials.



To share their personal diaries with the world.

That’s right, their innermost musings, their day-to-day activities, their personal feelings about the dangers and thrills of their line of work, their insecurities and struggles, even their favorite Lord of the Rings quotes (and you’ll never guess which superhero is a hardcore LOTR Tolkien nut)–all written down for you to read.

Over the next ten days–one superhero journal entry per day–the world will finally get inside the head of some of its favorite superheroes.

The first article, entitled Spiderman Journal Entry #1: A Secret Look into the Daily Life of Peter Parker is hot off the press, and it’s something that’d make the Daily Bugle proud.

This project is being done in partnership with Soul Purpose Designs, an amazing NYC-based company who makes custom shoes inspired by comic book superheroes and other iconic treasures from pop culture.

In fact, their custom made shoes are so amazing, that I wouldn’t be surprised if these superheroes write about it in their diaries.

Disclaimer: The superhero articles are not sponsored or created by any of the comic book studios. While the articles do, at times, reference events or details from comic book canon, the articles also include details invented by TechDigg writers for this series. Unfortunately, as far as we know, there are no comic books superheroes who actually love Lord of the Rings. Their loss.




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