King Arthur: “Meet the Knights of the Round table and kneel before them”

Watch the epic story of KING ARTHUR!

The legend of King Arthur takes its first breath after having been brought back from the ashes only to entail us a long-forgotten story of a solid young man whose world is yet to avert its natural course.

The legendary story of Arthur hints us that a man from the crowd is soon to become a generously honored and a heavily reputable king raised just right there on the streets of Londinium.

The epic Arthur movie adaptation boldly opens with the image of a young man who’s just soaked in his normal life. As ordinary, as he truly is, his common activities simply include running through the valleys and streets around alongside his gang.

Meet the young king Arthur
Who’s Arthur? What are his odds against the ferocious tyrants?

Entirely engulfed in his quite regular and non-pretentious life, he has absolutely no clue of the rapid turns his existence is going to take. However, could it be for worse? What could it bring him?

Completely unaware of what the future may hold for him, Young Arthur is going to meet a challenge that would raise him from the streets to the king’s throne!

This year has promised to bring us a cherished myth about King Arthur’s path, life and adventures, all of which creatively directed by the cheered hit movie maker Mr. Guy Ritchie. The vastly praised director has taken on an epic myth revealing the enigmatic story of a young king and his numerous setbacks he has yet to overcome.

What does it take to be a king?

“Born to be nothing, but a king”

King Arthur and the mystique sword
“He has been raised on the streets only to become a king”

The plotline opens with a youthful man named Arthur who is perfectly unfamiliar with the extreme changes he is bound to embrace. The story traces his almost common and habitual lifestyle which suddenly takes a whole new shape.

While he’s having fun with his boy gang, Arthur runs into a mystique sword he knows nothing about. The sword, however, is anything, but a typical and rusty one. This sword, as the sayings and legends go, has a special power and strength the soon-to-be yeasty king is yet to unmask.

A legend comes alive!
Turn back to your history classes to remember the legendary King Arthur!

Guy Ritchie’s film adaptation of the iconoclastic and phenomenal myth, surrounding the Excalibur sword, as its name is, tracks Arthur’s first bold steps towards a future holding no promises of clear days. In King Arthur’s “Legend of a Sword,” viewers are to be served an hour and a half filled with drama, suspense, fantasy, heroic and grand battles along with a whole myriad of challenges and adventures coming on the way.

Can you become a king when being raised on the streets?

“My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy,” William Shakespeare

Charlie plays a legendary role in King Arthur
The phenomenal remake of an old legend comes to live in May 2017!

The prominent and genuinely gifted director has taken Arthur’s legend only to turn it into an exceedingly awaited movie project. He, as a director, has taken on an angle from which to direct every single move in such a way that viewers are bound to be awe-struck and vastly inspired by the storyline and Guy Ritchie’s approach to it.

Charlie Hunnam in the role of the young King Arthur

“Start from nothing, end up with a kingdom”

Charlie partakes in the legendary film about King Arthur
King Arthur played by the charismatic Charlie Hunnam

And since we’re talking about creating a spectacular visual and an emotional effect, Guy’s choices regarding the movie cast have never been that much immaculate. After all, who else than the tremendous and celebrated personality of Charlie Hunnam would be a better fit for the role of King Arthur? Seriously, could you possibly come up with another actor’s name? Because we fail to do so.

Regardless of what that young man plans for the future ahead, he might want to slow it all down since he is bound to become a nobleman and a king! The blurred picture seems to have started clearing up before he knows it. Considered to be the “chosen one” by the sword, he becomes greatly challenged by the unmanageable and enigmatic source of power spread by the sword all over.

Regarded to as the Excalibur sword, the ancient and deep-buried memory of the ancient glaive seems to rises from the ashes just a like a Phoenix. With this on hand, the unmanageable sword is to provide the unripe king with an inexhaustible source of power and vigor with which he could avenge the doom of his parents.

Guy Ritchie directs King Arthur
Meet the prominent director Guy Ritchie who stands behind many blockbusters!

With the majestic sword on his mind, King Arthur, played by the noteworthy actor Charlie Hunnam, plans on pouring his revenge onto the heads of those whose thoughts have been poisoned and impure. But before that, the verdant king still has a plate of lessons to learn before throwing himself on the battlefield. Eventually, no other sword can match or surpass the unfailing force and unrelenting character of the notorious Excalibur glaive.

King Arthur has a ferocious combat set ahead in his near future in which he must avenge the death of his own parents and play the cards right. But before that, he first needs to learn how to manage and direct the mighty sword, how to put his demons back to sleep to conquer the tyrannical and bestial enemy of his named Vortigern.

What are his odds? Guy Ritchie alongside his co-screenwriters hands us their movie invitation over and unlocks the door to an ancient world of kings and tyrants.

Meet the King Arthur’s character:

Unmask the enigmatic personality of King Arthur:

Essential movie details:

  • Director: Guy Ritchie
  • Screenwriters: Guy Ritchie, Joby Harold
  • Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Hermione Corfield
  • Genre: Action/Drama/Adventure/Fantasy
  • Runtime: 126 minutes
  • Total Budget: $120 million
  • Official release date: May 12, 2017




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