Kinova Robotics

KINOVA Robotics, a Montreal-based tech firm announced Wednesday that it has signed an agreement for exclusive distribution for China with the HIT Robot Group or HRG for their MICO and JACO product lines. HRG is based in the Chinese city of Harbin and happens to be a joint venture between the provincial governments and a local tech institution.

The JACO and MICO lines feature lightweight robotic arms which are able to perform manual tasks and allow for assistance to individuals that have disabilities, among other functions.

They are also designed for research, education and industrial organizations for the purpose of innovating for technology and platform allowances considering the range of applications when it comes to service robotics.


In addition to giving these products to the Chinese clientele, KINOVA is going to be establishing a national service center within the country. This partnership allows for the Montreal-based firm to provide the Chinese distribution partners and users a comprehensive range of service robotic products while creating a national service center.

The Executive Vice President of KINOVA Robotics had this to say, “Our company is committed to providing top quality service robotic products that enable teachers, researchers, distribution partners and users to meet their robotic needs across China.”

Across the aisle, the vice president of HIT, Victor Guan had this to say on the matter, “KINOVA Robotics is a great partner for HIT Service Robot CO., LTD. They have the expertise, knowledge, pedigree, scale, reputation and complementary product portfolio to help consolidate HIT Service Robot CO., LTD as a market leader in China. We are happy that KINOVA Robotics recognized the quality of our organization.”

Kinova Robotics

KINOVA robotics is a global robotic tech company in Canada specializing in the service industry applications. The firm pushes the limits by amplifying on the possibilities of human capacity and aims to make more viable solutions to industry issues.

The company develops, produces and supports robots which assist people with disabilities. It also allows for people in the tech industry to interact with their environment in a more efficient manner and contributes toward assist development of products and hands-on applications in areas concerning rehabilitation and medical robotics.

HIT Service Robotics

HIT Service Robotics was created in 2014 and is one of the largest tech giants in China pertaining the robotics field considering the joint partnership involving the Heilongjiang provincial government, Harbin municipal government as well as, the Harbin Institute of Technology.

HRG is responsible for the manufacture of a full range of robotic equipment for a number of industries and operates as a solution provider for tech companies within the service industry. The firm has a strong presence in at least 13 major Chinese cities and has international posts including San Jose, Washington DC, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Seoul.

The partnership is indicative of a growing trend of partnerships and acquisitions happening between America and companies in the East as concerns the tech industry. These agreements portend a consolidation of resources and research to develop groundbreaking solutions to current issues on a global scale.

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