Looking for a unique way to get your car repaired and still have some fun? The all-female auto shop Girls Auto Clinic is making this possible. The Philadelphia shop now offers a spa for women to pamper themselves, while they are waiting to get their car serviced.

It is meant to empower women, and give them a chance to learn more about their cars. Additionally, the new Clutch Beauty Bar addition offers manicures, pedicures, and even blowouts. Therefore, you will receive quality care for yourself and your car.

How did this idea originate?

The founder and engineer, Patrice Banks, came up with the idea in order to create an environment for women where they aren’t mistreated from male mechanics. Additionally, they can educate themselves about their cars in a positive way.

The company began in 2013, and the owner was inspired to open the shop because she did not want to be scammed by male mechanics. She also wanted to learn more about cars.


It is meant to be a place for you to relax and enjoy yourself while your car is getting serviced. You will also leave more informed, and you will make better automotive choices.

Furthermore, the employees refer to themselves as “sheCanics,” and it is meant to give women confidence. This auto shop is another step towards gender equality and independence.

Some startling statistics

According to the Catalyst website, women constituted about 7.3% of automotive repair and maintenance employees in the United States last year. Moreover, they represented only one-quarter of the labor workforce. That is why women like Patrice Banks are changing the way we look at the automotive industry, and how women are treated in that field as well.

Additionally, a survey completed in 2013 of car lessees and owners stated that 77% of mechanics would most likely sell women unnecessary repairs. There was also a study shown that auto-repair shops would give women higher price quotes than men.

Girls Auto Clinic is striving to change this, by giving women the chance to learn more about how cars work. One way Banks did this is when she started Shecanics, a monthly workshop which educates women about cars.

Whether you want to learn about coolants or rotors, you will leave the shop more informed about these parts. Therefore, you will be able to negotiate and even buy a car with more confidence.

It is well-known that male-dominated industries and occupations employ few women, and it makes it harder for women to excel. However, there are initiatives that help women become more active in these industries.

The goal of these campaigns (and Patrice Bank’s business) is to create autonomy, collaboration, as well as, equality.

There are also campaigns that strive to get automotive industries to hire more women at auto dealerships, and Patrice Bank’s business is an example of why we should be doing that.

There is one location now, but there are talks about opening other franchises in the future. Girls Auto Clinic has paved the way for many women to help them make independent, well-informed decisions.

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