Stephen King's "It" and the Number 27

The official movie trailer for the highly anticipated, Stephen King’s “It” from Warner Brother’s, was just released

It is getting a tremendous response as the number one trending trailer on Youtube with a whopping 8,000,000+ views. A cult classic that was originally released in the 90’s will now be available this September 2017 in theaters.

Stephen King's It Movie Trailer

The movie is based in a town called “Dery” where seven children are united through their fear of “Pennywise.” Pennywise terrorizes the town ripping apart little children and leaving their bloody body parts all over town.

There’s Something About the Number 27

There seems to be a creepy theme going on too. The film is set to be released on September 8, 2017, 27 years after the original Stephen King’s “It” was released on television.


According to legend, “It” is said to return to the small town of “Derry” every 27 years. Even creepier, Jonathan Brandis, the actor who played “Young Bill” in the original movie died at the age of 27. Also, according to IMDB the movie is set to be released a month after lead, Bill Scargsgard, turns 27.


Tim Curry was cast in the original Stephen King’s “It” movie as “Pennywise.” They wanted to cast him for the remake, but he declined. They also wanted to invite other original members of the cast who were child actors to play the adult roles but, since Jonathan Brandis is deceased, they weren’t able to do that.

Bill Scargsgard has been cast to play the leading role, “Pennywise.” He has played in other popular roles such as Roman Godfrey in the series “Hemlock Grove.” It was a horror, thriller show that was released in 2013, ran until 2015, and is currently available to view on Amazon.

Gorier, More Suspenseful, and Scarier than the Original

Unlike the original television series from the 1990’s, this movie is supposed to be much gorier. They are also removing some of the forms that “It” takes in the original series and they are replacing them with surprises to add to the suspense.

Scarsgard describes “It” as not having a dedicated form. He explains that he is beyond sociopathic although he does enjoy taking the form of the playful clown “Pennywise” when he is on the hunt. He describes “It” as having a very childlike nature.

Apparently, when they were doing casting calls for the child roles, a lot of the parents were pulling their kids from auditioning after reading the script because of the sexual nature of the original script. They had to re-write it to hire child actors.

The trailer for Stephen King’s “It” is dark. In the beginning, it is rainy and gloomy. There is a shot with children in a dark room looking at seemingly innocent family photos on a projector but it suddenly turns very dark from there. There is another shot with an aerial view where blood is gushing out of the sink. Clips and blips of Pennywise can be seen and it’s like something from your worst childhood nightmare. If you don’t have a fear of balloons or clowns yet, you might after you watch this trailer.


Stephen King’s “It” is going to be available in theaters on September 8, 2017.

You can follow the official “It” Facebook account here.

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