Tesla is a master when it comes down to electric vehicles, but the company has failed to bring forth an affordable long-range electric car. In fact, no auto company has done this, but Tesla believes it has what it takes to become the first.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is hoping the new Model 3 will lead the way for autonomous and EV in the area of affordability. For those who are unaware, all Model 3 vehicles have Tesla’s range of autonomous sensors built in. However, that doesn’t mean all Model 3 cars will support self-driving features at the end of the day, despite having the capability.

Tesla self-driving cars are not up to industry standard

Without certain features, some Model 3’s will not have the ability to access the self-driving features. Then again, this could end up being a good thing for drivers, because Tesla is using a camera-based system for self-driving, something many experts believe is not safe enough.

Not to mention, Tesla is not using lidar sensors as the primary, or even a secondary set of sensors. Interestingly enough, the company doesn’t even use lidar as a failsafe, but that might not matter in the long run.

What Tesla thinks about the future of self-driving cars


The company has a different belief compared to industry experts. Tesla views self-driving cars as only needing camera sensors and the ability to make improved decision than humans to accomplish the job.

When these vehicles hit the streets in the future, folks should expect them to have no less than eight camera sensors, radar, GPS, and 360 ultrasonic. The primary thing the company needs to do right now is improving ‘Tesla Vision,’ which is the brain behind everything.

Now, Tesla is only using two out of the eight sensors, and this is from the 8.1 update. There are several improvements since the release of the new update. Furthermore, Tesla seems very confident in its ability to deliver a fully autonomous vehicle with the Model 3.

If we look at the Model 3’s user interface, it’s definitely built with self-driving in mind. Moreover, as for Elon Musk, well, let’s just say he comes off as very confident in what his company can bring to market in this field.

Musk believes self-driving cars will hit the streets by the end of 2017. Well, of course, he’s talking about cars from Tesla. With this in mind, one has to wonder how mature the company’s technology is at this point if the end of 2017 is a target date.

What about the cost of the Model 3?

According to a recent report, the Tesla Model 3 will cost $50,000, which is more than the $35,000 the company was aiming for.

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  1. The link to a “recent” report on the cost of a Model 3 is from 2014, the most up to date articles all show the first bare bones Model 3’s will still be expected to cost $35000.


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