Apple iOS 10.3.1 update, What You Should Know

New Features when upgrading

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 10.3.1 a week after iOS 10 was released. This is seen as a minor update considering it was meant to patch the security issues and contains bug fixes. The news is a bit surprising considering the company did not release any beta versions of 10.3.1.

Apple also did not provide any particular release notes with the update. However, the more detailed notes on Apple’s security page show that 10.3.1 works on a buffer overflow which may be vulnerable for one to execute code on the phone or tablet’s WI-FI chip.

This vulnerability was first detected by Gal Beniamini from Google’s Project Zero, and it allows for someone to do arbitrary code on the WI-FI chip. Project Zero discloses bugs to the public 90 days after telling the appropriating corporations about them to encourage faster security patch actions. Considering the 10.3.1 update is now on the market, there are things the customer needs to know when installing the update, or if they already have it.

New Features when upgrading


The iOS changelog for the 10.3.1 states the update incorporates security patches and bug fixes, meaning it is a maintenance update. Apple claims the 10.3.1 is for a single security patch, though it also fixes unnamed iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c issues.

So if one is coming to the iOS 10.3.1 from the 10.2.1, or something which is older, then there is a high probability of getting new features with the 10.3 or the new security patch.


The update is small if one is coming directly into it from iOS 10.3. On the iPhone 7, one might expect a download not exceeding 30MB. If one is coming to the iOS 10.3.1 from something older, though, then the update is going to be much larger for the reason the iOS 10.3 is quite large itself.

The fixes and features are incorporated, or rather baked in. One may put aside 30 minutes or so if you are coming to the iOS 10.3.1 from iOS 10.2.1, as opposed to the 5 minutes they would put aside if it were the scenario of the iOS 10.3 already installed.


It may be a small update, but the expectation is the iOS 10.3 update is going to cause issues for some iPod and iPad users. The probable complaints in a few weeks may range from battery drain to Bluetooth, WI-FI, and random reboots. There may be more to pick up as individuals discover the 10.3.1 update around their settings.

Reasons why you should download the update

If you value the security of your devices, one will want to consider downloading the iOS 10.3.1 update for their iPad or iPhone. Along with the single security patch for the WI-FI exploit, the update also delivers 60 known patches for potential exploits. This is significant even for milestone upgrades.

The previous version of the iOS 10, iOS 10.2.1, came with 14 known patches. Among them included a Safari ransomware bug which scammers were using to export iOS users who were watching adult videos on their devices. As such, these patches improve the security on one’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad making them ideal for those who store sensitive data on the devices.

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