NASA’s Juno spacecraft completed its fifth flyby of Jupiter last week – but it was today that the space agency released the stunning images captured.

Along with raw images of the planet, NASA also shared images which had been improved and edited by members of the science community and public.

The results are gorgeous renderings of our solar system’s largest planet. NASA actively invites the public to help with image processing, which enhances color, contrast and other factors of the shots to provide awe-inspiring pictures of the stormy celestial body.

The images are the latest in a series of shots provided by the spacecraft. Juno was launched in 2011 and reached its target, Jupiter, in July last year.


Despite enthralling Earth’s residents with images of the distant giant, Juno’s primary aim is to help scientists understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter.

According to NASA, this includes determining the amount of water in Jupiter’s atmosphere, measuring atmospheric composition and temperature, mapping magnetic and gravity fields and exploring Jupiter’s auroras.

We, however, will continue to ogle at the photographic releases from the mission.

See some images from the latest flyby below:

An enhanced image of Jupiter from NASA’s Juno spacecraft. Credit: NASA
An enhanced image of Jupiter from Juno’s latest flyby of the planet. Credit: NASA
jupiter storm
An enhanced image of a storm on Jupiter. Credit: NASA

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