Most of us grew up at a time when the phrase ‘the sky is the limit’ was commonly used. I know this was used as a motivational quote. But then again, the Blue Origin invention is putting up a spirited challenge of the aforesaid cliché. After all is said and done, we will have footprints on Mars and the moon! It suffices then to alter the phrase and make extra-terrestrial the new limit.

Flights in aerospace have evolved from the use of kites to air balloons to planes and to the current supersonic jets. The untapped business potential of trips to outer space has caught the eyes of some deep-pocketed tycoons.

They have a vision of soaring into the uncharted aerospace as a form of tourism. Companies such as Virgin Galactic (already selling tickets for a trip to space) and Blue Capsule are making major strides to commercialize flights into the suborbital space.

Flares of brilliance From the New Shepard Flight

On March 29, Blue Origin released images of its capsule showing the cozy interior design of the New Shepard flight. The launch system is due to commence its commercial flight as from next year. This is good news for space tourists or those of you planning to explore the galaxy.


After a prototype engine had been developed in 2006, engineers were determined to see the engine become a reality, and in the year 2015 their hard work paid off. What’s in the name: flight New Shepard if you may ask aloud? Well, the name New Shepard pays homage to Alan Shepard. The first American astronaut in space.

Modus Operandi of the Blue Origin Passenger Capsule

The exact intricacies of the operation of the Blue Origin passenger capsule will more likely than not require an advanced degree in physics and a revitalizing drink for you to grasp the concept. Nevertheless, we shall focus on the fundamental of the principle of the flight.

For starters, the launch system comprises of two vehicles. A pressurized capsule that is on top of a reusable booster rocket. The two vehicles launch together after which they accelerate for two and a half minutes before the engine goes off.

The capsule will then disintegrate from the booster and navigate into space. Once the capsule separates, the booster is propelled back on Earth to a safe landing. Parachutes will be responsible for the safe navigation and landing of the capsule back on Earth. This concept is what brings forth the term ‘reusable capsule.’

The Allure of the Blue Origin Capsule

In all aspects of travel tourism, salient features are vital to attracting customers. Well, this is no exception for the capsule as it denotes comfort, safety that is interwoven with precise engineering.

The interior is packed with six black and blue reclining seats embedded with the Blue Origin logo. The seats are strategically positioned adjacent to a window to ensure ample scenic viewership of the extra-terrestrial space. Indeed it won’t be a safari if you can’t have a glimpse of what is taking place outside the passenger capsule.

These are no ordinary windows. The manufacturers behind the window designs describe them as the ‘largest windows in space’ made by multiple layers of tough materials which also minimizes reflection and obstruction.

The capsule provides a space of 530 cubic feet (15m3) which will enable passengers to stay afloat and maneuver freely. Once in sub- orbital space, you will be in a position to exploit the effects of weightlessness. Put your martial art skills to exhibition punctuated with somersaults without fear of breaking a bone! Memories are fashioned out of such peculiar acts.

Safety Precautions on Board

Commercial flights will not be the only trips taken. The company hinted to serve a microgravity laboratory on the capsule. Owner Jeff Bezos, via an email update, talked of a test program that is meant to check on Shepard flight’s performance. This will include a crew that is aboard during the test.

The Estimated Cost of Ticket

For those of you with the desire to board the flight, you’ll have to wait a bit longer as the company is yet to unveil the flight prices. Though wheeler-dealers estimate it would be in the region of $250,000 per ticket. Treat it as rumors while at the same time be on the lookout for the official communication from the flight company. You can trust we will bring you that news once it breaks. Watch this space!

Over the years you had to pay through the nose to enjoy Spaceflights. This has majorly been attributed to the cost of production of the space vessels. However, the Shepard flight is rewriting the rules of the game. Capitalizing on the principle of recycling and hence re-utilization, the flight cost is projected to be comparatively cheaper compared to previous space shuttles that were discarded after single use.

Are you looking for a new and memorable adventure? Then look no further than taking an exorbitant spaceflight in the New Shepard launch system. Guided by the company’s description of the flight, I have all the reason to believe the expedition will be worth every penny.

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