Nature defines it as survival of the fittest. The weak perish while the ones cut out for the prevailing market conditions survive. Living to reinvest in breathtaking technology. Underestimate your competitor at your own detrimental. The law of the jungle has found a new home in the automobile industry.

As things currently stand, Tesla is leading the pack. Consuming its contemporaries without the slightest hesitation. Numbers don’t lie if we are to go by the figures being reported by Elon Musk’s Twitter feed. With the Wall Street confirming the same figures.

A First Among Equals

There were new developments in the stock market on April 3: the shooting up of company market stocks. Musk took to his Twitter handle, “Stormy weather in Shortsville’ as a mockery to Tesla short sellers.”

How Tesla does it remains a puzzle that its competitors are yet to decipher. Is it marketing and advertisement or is it through price manipulation? While the answer remains unknown, Tesla seems to be getting it right at every turn. Once again, Tesla is in the news headlines. The output manifests itself in the stock market as surged 7.3% to 298.52 on Monday.


Remarkable Record Set By Tesla

For those of you that have keenly been following Tesla’s progress, you must have noticed the major milestones made regarding groundbreaking innovations and delivery of high-quality machines to their customers.

Tesla has a new record of a 7.3% surge with a 287.49 buy point sailing the stock to a soaring record high. A comparison with rival brands such as Ford and Tesla outstands in the market cap. As of Monday Tesla recorded $48.3 while Ford was closing at a market cap of $ 45.5 billion.


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Let The Stats Do The Talking

Elon Musk’s company has delivered just over 25,000 vehicles in the first quarter. That surpasses their target of 23,500- 24,000 and 25,000 set by Wall Street. The delivery reflects the 13,450 Model S and 11,550 Model X introduced into the market. This also translates to a 69% delivery rate for Tesla and is an indicator of the company’s capability to produce sophisticated vehicles while producing meaningful volumes.

According to Tesla, the delivery count system works when the car delivered is successfully sold to the customers and all paperwork is completed.

Certain mishaps and backfires in their delivery have some negative impact on Tesla. This includes missing of production target and delivery. Nevertheless, the new record is a show of the determination the company has in remaining upfront in the competitive automobile market.

Tesla’s Stock’s Valuation Depicts Tremendous Growth

With the standard bar set very high, much is and will be anticipated from Tesla with their Model 3. That is set for its debut in the first quarter of next year. The electric car is a vehicle to reckon with; the autopilot capability been one of its major features and a plus when it comes to providing luxury for users. The model looks promising. It’s estimated that the vehicle will cost $35,000.

The future looks bright. The second quarter is projected to see over 4650 units of shipment to the consumers. A quick look at the recent history of Tesla’s shares indicates a rise of 66% since the first day of December 2016. For those in doubt of Tesla’s performance need to read in between the lines of the purchase of a 5% shares of Tesla by the Chinese Ten cent Holdings- a giant Internet company. This a statement of intent by Tesla in the Asian market.

“Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

If you are out prospecting for shares to invest in, Tesla currently is your safest bet. Consider the fact that Tesla has sold about 85,000 vehicles in the past 12 months, yet its capitalization of $48.4 million is way greater than Ford as of the 3rd.


You will realize investing in the company is profitable and sustainable. Beyond this is the spread of the autonomous vehicle technology and projects such as the acquisition of Solar City that should entice investors to take a bite of the pie of Tesla’s shares.

The electric-car maker has projected production of 500,000 units for 2018 to 2020 with the addition of the Model 3 into the market.

For Tesla’s fanatics, this new record is an indication of greater things that are yet to come. From the luxurious Model S to the flashy Model X and the futuristic Model 3. Did I mention model Y? Yes, you read that right. Model Y to complete the SEXY series of the Tesla automobiles.

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