“What stands on the other side of the galaxy is more dreadful than Death itself”

Alien 2017 is coming soon
What could possibly be more dreadful than Death itself?

Something out there, into the nothingness, has been waiting and lurking around. It’s exactly there in the previously thought “undisclosed paradise” where a crew of the well-remembered Covenant ship set foot. While thinking of how hidden and quiet, or perhaps way too secluded, this place seems to be; the crew is bound to awake a harrowing menace – an extreme threat they have to find a way out of.

The Supreme monstrosity offered in Alien: Covenant May 19

Crew colony
Are you scared? No? Then, you must be nuts, totally nuts!

Viewers are once again welcomed on a terrifying trip down memory lane only to recollect of the brutality and monstrosity of the sci-fi movie 2017 directed by one of your favorite and prominent directors Ridley Scott. For the hundredth time, he messes around with our imagination leading to a lack of sleep and anxiety as his sought-after consequence.


All jokes aside, Ridley’s new version of the Alien sci-fi franchise will truly have us sleepwalking even after simply glimpsing at the short trailers which haven’t stopped circling.

The terrifying Alien 2017
Alien 2017 will come for you too!

This time around, cinema lovers and fans of the bloody sci-fi movie 2017 are bound to witness bloody deaths and harrowing graphics running on the ultimate level of lunacy and brutality. If truth be told, the extreme terror is in full swing, however, how many of us have the guts to go and watch the gory sci-fi movie?

Who stands behind the madness entitled “Alien Covenant 2017” anyway?


The official trailer is already on the table, and we can’t be more grateful! Provided that you’re a movie outsider, more or less, who haven’t paid it enough attention, let us present you the main picture, so to say.

The horrifying story opens with the recognizable colony crew of the well-known Covenant ship that is soon to be set off on another mission into the vast space. Considered a quite massive and essential colonization mission, it makes everyone so much grateful for the next steps that are yet to be taken. From the look of things, it seems like our crew’s going to make a history with their new mission.

Their landing, however, is followed by a couple of bizarre conclusions and discovering – weed, perfect solitude and no living creatures around. With that on hand, it sure starts to dawn on them that something is not right. There’s a part of the puzzle that simply won’t fit.

Why is it so “dead” and still around here? What’s wrong?

These questions start to form in their minds at the sight of this perfect seclusion and stillness. Just then when the crew enters a cave-like formation, the most trivial for all sci-fi movies and horror productions question gets raised:

“You hear that?!”


What to expect from ALIEN: COVENANT 2017

With this in mind, there must have been something that has created this deadness. But what could that be?

Scott's new sci-fi horror
What stands on the outside?

The long-forgotten Xenomorph creature gets awakened once again to trouble your dreams! The extremely popular sequel to the renowned sci-fi movie production Prometheus rises again on May 19! Are you ready for it?

Alien: Covenant has apparently reached another level of terror created by the successful director Ridley Scott who stands behind such a wide variety of blockbusters and mega sci-fi productions. The noteworthy follow-up to the unforgettable Prometheus bringing us exactly ten years back presents the crew’s new mission to explore the roots of the so-called Xenomorph species alongside the new version of their kind called Neomorph.

As you can see for yourself, things are hardly bound to clear up with the presence of the new alternative of the deadly Xenomorph creatures.  The contemporary sci-fi movie promises nothing but to send chills down our spine the moment our “mad-to-the-bone” Neomorph pops up into the big picture shedding blood all over.

Does the colony crew of the Covenant ship stand a chance against the maleficent species? What are their odds of survival anyway?

Ridley Scott and his best movies

Alien 2017: darker than ever!
Meet the renowned Ridley Scott!

The legendary director of the vastly anticipated sci-fi horror 2017 is just around the corner featuring a myriad of blood scenes that will totally make your hair stand on end. The charismatic director is also behind some of the best ranked Hollywood sci-fi productions doubling and even tripling the initial movie budget. More than an excellent example would surely be the very well-known and deeply appreciated Blade Runner welcoming A-list actors, such as Harrison Ford, or Gladiator starring Russel Crowe.


In his successful movie portfolio, Mr. Ridley Scott is boastful about his gigantic movie productions like Thelma and Louise starring the one and only Brad Pitt, and the epic sci-fi phenomenon entitled Legend with the special contribution of Tom Cruise.

Naturally, the initial and original Prometheus certainly tops off our short list of best movies directed by the eminent Ridley Scott. Given all those surefire movies in existence, how could even be possible to reconsider watching Ridley Scott’s sci-fi productions?

And last, but definitely not least, be sure to trace the crew’s steps into an unknown world in which jeopardy lies on every corner. The epic premiere day of the sci-fi movie entitled Alien: Covenant 2017 is May 19, 2017!

Watch the eerie trailer of ALIEN: COVENANT 2017!


Essential movie details:

Director: Ridley Scott

Genre: Thriller/Action/Sci-fi

Writers: Dante Harper, J. Logan, and others

Cast: Noomi Rapace, Katherine Waterson, Guy Pearce, etc.

Production by: 21th Century Fox, Scott Free Productions, etc.

Official premiere date: May 19, 2017




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