The Apple iPad is the most popular tablet today, but from this latest report, not everyone believes it’s the best. In fact, it would appear as if many view the Microsoft Surface tablet as the superior technology to the Apple iPad, which is quite interesting.

From what we have come to understand, consumers like the Surface best over the iPad. This is very surprising seeing, as the Surface is not selling on the same level as the Apple device. However, if this study holds true, things could change in the coming months.

The information came from the 2017 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study done by J.D. Power. The study was released on Thursday and shows how consumers feel more satisfied with the Microsoft tablet than what Apple has to offer. Tablets from other brands such as Amazon, Acer, Asus, Samsung, and LG, were also on the list, but the Surface still managed to take the crown.

Why do consumers prefer the Microsoft Surface?

Tablet owners seem to like connectivity, great accessories, and pre-installed applications than anything else. The report claim these are some of the things why the Surface is preferred, and we have to say; it makes sense.


Regarding pre-installed apps, the Surface comes with several Microsoft-focused applications. These include the likes of Microsoft Office and OneDrive. When it comes down to accessories, the keyboard options are the best. Now, we can’t speak for connectivity, but generally, Surface tablets have been decent in this regard.

Microsoft customers are more tech savvy

The report went on to claim Microsoft customers to be more tech savvy than their Apple counterparts. This is because they prefer to try new technologies, and they view themselves as among the first to do it. In fact, 51 percent view themselves and their colleagues as folks always ready to try new things.

As it stands, early adopters are more likely to pick up a Surface rather than an iPad.

Let’s not hide behind the bush here. The Surface line of devices is more technologically impressive than anything Apple has done with the iPad. However, one has to realize why the Surface products are still sitting behind. It has much to do with a number of apps available in the Windows Store.

At the moment, Apple is ahead in the app count department. Not to mention, most developers tend to release their apps first on the Apple device before any other platform. And seeing as the Windows Store is relatively new, the support is not yet there and will take time to grow.

Microsoft is attempting to fix this problem with its Universal Windows Platform initiative. Time will tell if it works as intended.

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