Artificial intelligence is on the rise and getting smarter with every passing year. It’s almost safe to say human level artificial intelligence will happen in the years to come, but the question is, how long do we have to wait?

Whenever it happens, we should expect AI to surpass our own intelligence in many ways. As for now, we have no idea what it would look like, or even when it will happen. However, we do know the day will eventually happen.

The age of singularity

What is a singularity you ask? Well, it’s when humans can no longer predict what an AI will do. As expected, many folks view a future of singularity AI to be a huge problem humans must refrain from bringing into existence, but Damien Scott, a Stanford University business and energy and earth sciences graduate, doesn’t quite agree.

“We’ll start to see narrow artificial intelligence domains that keep getting better than the best human,” Scott told Inverse in an interview. “Calculators already outperform us, and there’s evidence that within two to three years, AI will outperform the best radiologists in the world.”


From what Scott is saying, the singularity is already here, but broken up across several different industries where AI exists. Soon enough, every industry will have an AI calling the shots, but to us, the real problem would come into play if humans create an artificial intelligence with every imaginable information baked into its brain.

When will AI hit its peak?

No one knows for sure, but persons are definitely trying to predict when it will happen. For example, we have Ray Kurzweil who is Google’s director of engineering and computer scientist, claims the singularity will come to fruition around the year 2045. What’s interesting here is the fact that he has predicted the Singularity 145 timers since the 1990s.

He also went on to add that by 2045, humans would be better at music and comedy. Yes, if you believe we as humans are funny today, just wait until 2045 comes around.

Is singularity truly imminent?

From what many industry pundits have to say, and what we have seen of modern artificial intelligence, its’s clear the singularity is coming. When it happens, there are a good chance humans won’t have to perform many tasks as we do now.

With AI bound to become smarter and performing difficult tasks without constant human intervention, one has to wonder, what will us humans do with all the free time? Interestingly enough, this reminds me of the movie, Wall-E.

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