“When affection is gone, lunacy calls”: Witness the heart-wrenching story of Tess

Jealousy, rancor, and puzzlement will haunt us after watching Unforgettable 2017 that is due on April 21. Are you ready to be served a hateful plate by the jealous Tessa? Because this is what she has prepared for us.

Jealousy in Unforgettable 2017
See the world from Tess’s eyes.

Directed by Denise Di Novi, “Unforgettable” recounts us the story of a wrecked relationship between Tessa and David with whom she shares a beautiful and bright daughter. Much like in real-life, when the spark is gone following an indefinite number of reasons, what you’re left with is just the honey-sweet fragments of the no longer existing connection. When everything happens to bite the dust, you just erase any negativity resting in your mind and make a path for the wonderful and magical moments you’ve shared.

However, it seems like Tessa is an exception to the rule. Not only does she keep good memories of her former relationship, but she holds such a grudge against the other woman. This enigmatic lady which Tessa has a run-in which happens to be none other than her ex-husband’s new woman in his life.


Authentically enough, out there in the genuine world romantic issues – and quite dramatic we’d say – of such a nature are hardly depicted as a phenomenon. Ex-girlfriends, or wives, running on the edge of madness is a pretty common view, and not interesting or a charming one for certainty.

Who’s the Unforgettable one, anyway?

Lunacy in Unforgettable
Katherine Heigl in the distinctive role of a jealous and lunatic woman

In the upcoming Unforgettable drama-thriller, we’re about to see the hazardous and poisonous mind of the otherwise kind and beautiful character of Tess, presented by Katherine Heigl, almost to perfection. Considered a highly intelligent woman and a single mother following her recent divorce, Tessa is shown as a bold, charismatic lady with an attitude, and not necessarily a positive one, towards David’s new girlfriend.

The sole image of him with Rosario makes her lose sanity. And just out of the blue, an unknown feeling starts to fill her up. Apparently enough, it’s exactly Tessa who hasn’t got over Mr. Charm aka The Unforgettable one.

Have you watched the drama-fueled trailer yet?

Kathering plays the bad ex-girl
Does she really plan on separating the new couple?

If so, then you’ve already seen the unwillingness of Tess to find an effective way out of the whole messed-up situation between ex-love birds. As witty as she seems to be, Katherine Heigl will probably stop at nothing until eventually separating her ex-man from his young new love.

What Tess experiences towards the new woman standing in her way back to him is pure intolerance and deadliness at its best. Can we blame her after all? She just seems to be a woman who hasn’t managed to rise again from the ashes left behind, more or less. Unlike her former husband, who has happily moved on with another gorgeous lady who eventually meets David and Tess’s cute little girl.

In the trailer itself, viewers are offered another look into this love triangle only to witness the crazy enough ex-wife. She professes to her daughter, making her believe that there can’t be any “mother” other than the biological one.

Will Tessa, played by Katherine, will realize her evil plan?

Tessa vs Rosario
A fight scene between two women? How crazy can it get?

On the other hand stands the new woman in the picture, who is finally ready to believe in the image of the “happily ever after” love story. Her new dreams about a beautiful and content future with a decent man in the face of David are soon clouded by his mad and extremely jealous ex-girlfriend.

The blonde lady’s goal is to simply kill their spark and create fake drama by setting her rival up. Tess reaches the ultimate level of lunacy when she receives a restrictive order according to which she has been legally rid of the opportunity of coming nearby David.

Ironically enough, it must feel so relieving for him not to have to run into his ex somewhere around. With that on hand, things may start clearing up for the new couple which has no idea of Tess’s other moves on the chess table. Will she be able to mat them in this sense? Well, we will have to see ourselves very soon!

Watch the official trailer of Unforgettable
Plot twists in Unforgettable 2017

Producer Denise Di Novi on her new chapter of crime and thriller!

The latest project produced and directed by Denise Di Novi is entitled The Unforgettable as we see her for the very first time with a take on something that is such a far cry from her other movie productions. The film has another quite striking resemblance to plot lines like that of Fatal Attraction where we can trace the course of a heart-wrenching and tearful story like this one.

Unforgettable 2017
Romantic scene in Unforgettable coming on April 21, 2017!

The Unforgettable, however, is the first directorial take and debut of Di Novi who has put her right cards on the table once again. After classic movies under her name, such as Ed Wood or Heathers, one thing is for certain – we can surely anticipate anything, but low-quality and uninteresting plot lines and twists from the successful producer Denise Di Novi.

Another quite interesting surprise rolls along when the trailer shows us a pretty dramatic scene hinting of a committed crime! Who is involved in that murder? Who has done it?

Why does the image of Tess pop up right into our minds? Is it possible for her to reach such levels of irrationality and sheer folly created out of her extreme jealousy towards her former man’s new lady?

Don’t forget that the epic date of The Unforgettable is April 21, 2017!

Watch the official trailer of Unforgettable, if you’ve not done so

Essential movie details:

Director: Denise Di Novi

Writers: David L. Johnson

Cast: Katherine Heigl, Geoff Stults

Genre: Triller/Drama

Runtime: 100 m

Production by: Warner Bros. Pictures

Official release date: April 21, 2017

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