Ford is well known for selling police cars, but since recently, the company has never attempted to sell a hybrid vehicle designed for the men and women in blue suits. The car, which is the new Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan, began its life as the Ford Fusion Hybrid and is designed to save police department’s money per year.

Police cars, throughout a single day, spend a lot of time idle but still on for obvious reasons. This means the department has to spend a lot on gasoline, but this could end with the new Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan. With the new vehicle, the police department could save up to $3,900 in fuel cost per year.

What’s so impressive with the Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan?

For starters, it comes with a big battery designed to shut down the engine when the car is idle. Now, this doesn’t shut down the entire system as the lights, radios, computers, and other essential elements are kept up and running.

According to Ford, the car can save up to 0.27 gallons of gasoline per hour, which is not too shabby. Furthermore, if everything goes according to plan, this will become the first hybrid police car from Ford to have the “pursuit rated” tag.


For those who are wondering, it means this impressive hybrid should be able to keep up with regular police cars even in hostile situations. However, it is not intended for areas where police officers are required to drive around on a daily basis because, at the end of the day, it’s still a hybrid.

Not the fastest police cruiser around

This is a vehicle with only 188 horsepower, so one should not expect it to keep up with the regular cop cars and some hostile vehicles on the streets. Nevertheless, there’s some good news here that could interest the police department.

After five seconds of rough driving, the Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan is capable of shifting into pursuit mode and from here; it gains the ability to drive through 18-inches of water. Not to mention, when it comes down to going over a railroad crossing with ease, this Hybrid Sedan is no slouch.

It doesn’t end there. It can make several J-turns similar to Hollywood movies without falling apart.

It’s all about the stealth

Some situations might require a bit of silence, and this is where Ford’s new hybrid police vehicle excels over the regulars. The driver can put it into electric mode, ultimately allowing the vehicle to release less noise.

In the summer of 2018, the Ford Police Responder will launch alongside the Los Angeles Police Department.

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