NASA has helped bring some great tech to the world with ferrofluid as one of their great discoveries. The magnetic liquid was created to be rocket fuel initially, but they were never able to implement it successfully due to various logistic problems.

But, for the majority, this may have been good news as this led to the creation of the Inspiration Ferrofluid Motion Lamp by Inspired Designs. This is one of the best and most inspired motion lamps I have seen in a long time.

First of all, the design is quite impressive. My biggest problem with motion lamps is that they never seem stable enough. The shape is usually one of the key assets of such lamps and designers often forfeit balance with some top-heavy designs.

Inspired Designs did it differently. They designed their base in a robust and sturdy fashion to ensure maximum balance. You would be mistaken to think that they did not put enough thought into the shape of the motion lamb. Unlike a lava lamp with a tiny base and wide middle section, this ferrofluid lamp takes on a more cylindrical shape and a wider base.


This lamp has a smooth and chrome design, making it look likes a futuristic space gadget. This design is quite fitting if you consider the origin of Ferrofluid.

Why Inspiration Ferrofluid Motion Lamp is so unique


The Inspiration Ferrofluid Motion Lamp

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What has made the Inspiration Ferrofluid Motion such a big seller is its magnetic properties.

The motion lamp comes with four magnets to help you manipulate the liquid efficiently. Sure, there are many magnetic fluids, but finding the right viscosity of the ferrofluid is quite difficult.
Sometimes the magnetic liquid is too dense, and hence gravity works on it much more efficiently making it more difficult to manipulate. Sometimes the liquid is just too light, and you cannot make such distinct features.

But with NASA’s discovery, Inspired Designs came up with the right amount of viscosity to help you create distinct shapes with the magnetic liquid lamp. In fact, the ways are so different, you won’t ever ever create the same shape twice.

Size of the Inspiration Ferrofluid Motion Lamp

This motion lamp is a lot bigger than their Nano 2.0 display.The larger lamp makes it easier to manipulate the liquid. It is measured at 15 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter to be precise.

The size of this display is perfect and gives you the opportunity to get creative with the manipulation of the ferrofluid. If the display were too narrow, it would create a situation where you could not effectively manipulate the magnetic liquid with two magnets. The first magnet would occupy the whole magnetic field of the tube, making the second magnetic field ineffective or nonexistent.

Portability of the Motion Lamp

Suffice to say, it is a slightly bigger frame to your average-sized motion lambs. The chrome metal at the bottom is relatively light. But you would think that the light base would make it quickly tilt, however, the broad base ensures that this doesn’t happen.

This means you can move the lamb around quickly while you can feel confident in its stability.

Thin glass frame

With thick glass, the magnet’s power would be significantly weaker by the time it gets to the magnetic liquid. To ensure that this does not happen, the creator made The Inspiration Ferrofluid Motion Lamp with a thin, but powerful glass. This increases the power of the magnet so much so I have been able to create spear like constructs using two magnets with opposing forces.

How to Use it

The Inspiration Ferrofluid Motion Lamp

Electricity and magnets work almost concurrently. And in this case, collaborate to trigger the magnetic property in the liquid. The motion lamp operates at 15W. This is the standard emission of electricity in many houses in the US. So you will not need any additional power or reductions. When the power is switched on, the liquid heats and automatically becomes magnetic and responds to the gravitational force leading to the liquid rising.

Depending on the pole of the external magnet the liquid is in, The Inspiration Ferrofluid Motion Lamp will repel or attract. The liquid consistency allows it to turn quickly. Hence, you will notice the attraction bit of this sequence of magnetic events.

Safety while using the Inspiration Ferrofluid Motion Lamp

The first thing you need to rely on, is that this is not a toy and accidents do happen. Remember to be extra careful with The Inspiration Ferrofluid Motion Lamp. This is not to say it is not safe however.

The chrome and glass pieces have been fastened tightly and flawlessly leading to almost no realization that they are separate pieces.

Overall, I think this is one of the most creative and interesting motion lamps I have seen.

Please look at the Inspiration Ferrofluid Motion Lamp for more info.


*This is a sponsored post created by TechDigg on behalf of Inspired Designs. All opinions are 100% ours. 




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