Tesla has just made history with its new environmentally friendly product. The company has just added solar panels to pre-existing homes and buildings, which will give people the option to go off-grid.

What do These Panels do?

The panels use invisible mounting hardware and integrated front skirts, which will give your roof a more refined look. It was created by Zep Solar, and the cofounder Daniel Flanigan is leading an engineering team at Tesla as the Senior Director of Solar Systems Product Design.

The panels are meant to integrate with the Tesla battery unit, the Powerwall in order to create a sustainable energy ecosystem.

Furthermore, you will be able to store the panels to use them at night. Your home could be one of the only homes with power if there is a grid outage.


According to the Tesla website, the panels on the solar roof are invisible to the naked eye. However, the solar cells are exposed to the sun, which will power the home in the most clean, efficient way.

Moreover, some features of the Tesla solar roof panels include, high efficiency, solar cell, color louver film, and tempered glass. The solar cell produces more energy, even at high temperatures. The louver film allows the cells to blend into the roof, and it exposes them to the sun. Lastly, the tempered glass makes the solar cell tiles durable.

Some Changes are About to be Made

Before SolarCity teamed up with Tesla, the solar panels were used from different solar installers for commercial and residential projects.

However, the new Panasonic module will be produced this summer, and it will be used for all residential products from now on.

It is part of Elon Musk’s idea to offer solar products that are aesthetically pleasing, which will create a brand that stands out from the competition. Additionally, Tesla will still produce less powerful 250-260 watt panels from other suppliers.

The modules are 325 watts, and Tesla promises that they exceed industry standards in terms of lifespan and durability. The non-exclusive 325-watt panels that are sold to other installers have an efficiency of 21.76%, and a 25-year power output warranty.

Additionally, if you are concerned about all the work that goes into installing panels, you will be able to place the panels over your existing roof.

Adding Beauty to Your Home

Since appearance is a key factor of the new solar panels, you will get to choose from four glass shingles. You can pick from asphalt, slate, wood shakes, and clay roofs. The hidden photovoltaic cells are what adds to the aesthetics, because they are not bulky.

According to Elon Musk, the SolarRoof will not cost more than an average roof. The SolarRoof will be able to charge the Powerwall when the sun is out, and you can use that power to generate electricity in the evening.

You can request a custom price quote now, but the solar panels will be available this summer. Although this is unusual for the company, it looks like this energy technology is here to stay.

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  1. I saw recently (on web) some models of the roof and looks pretty good, hopefully we (the humans) will change the way of looking at this and this kind of tech will be installed all over the world.

    Would be nice to have some pictures here in the article btw.


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