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Robots to Deliver Food to San Franciscans

San Francisco is going to be the first to experience a revolutionary food delivery service. Yelp and Eat 24 is teaming up with a company named Marble to bring San Franciscans, in select areas, autonomous food delivery service.

It looks like a mini washing machine on wheels, but pretty soon these little washing-machine-like devices will be carrying food back and forth to residents all over San Francisco, and next maybe the rest of the world too.

The way it works is the food is placed in a compartment inside a special robot that acts as a carrier. Through the use of state of the art technology, including a combination of high-resolution maps and sophisticated machinery with special sensors, they will carefully navigate busy neighborhoods to deliver meals to residents.

Revolutionizing the Delivery Service with Robot Delivery


This will likely revolutionize the delivery service as we know it. This could open the door for automated delivery of much more than just food. The possibilities are endless. We are seeing a shift into a new age where computers and robots are becoming more and more of a utility.

What’s more, is they are likely to become more than just the subject of a futuristic science fiction novel, but rather they stand to be an integral part of our culture and the way we do business.

On the front page, and another section of Marble’s website, where they have various electrical engineering job postings, they mention that their devices are capable of delivering groceries, meals, medicine, and other essentials, “in a way that should be accessible to anyone.”

Eliminating the Issues

With this new type of robot delivery service, they are looking to eliminate issues with damaged packages that arrive from other carriers. They are hoping that these special devices will help reduce the amount of abuse a particular package could get from being thrown around and bumped around during transport. They are trying to resolve an issue with consumer wait times for receiving goods by using these devices by predicting a more precise delivery time.

It’s likely to be a little bit of a shock for those of an older generation, but soon, using robots to transport general items will be a way of life for the youngsters as they are already navigating tablets and smartphones, executing the basic functions of these devices at an early age now. There is a new generation being born today who will have an opportunity to see these devices in full swing on a global scale.

Mini Washing-Machine on Wheels

There is a bit of buzz going on about the launch of this service. However, there is one concern that I can think of. The compartment in which items are stored, in this case, food, is said to be secure. Let’s think about the bot as a whole though.

Now, I described the robot as looking like a mini- washing machine on wheels. I would question, with the size of it and knowing human nature, what would stop people from trying to mess with them, pry them open, damage them in some way, or try to interfere with their programming on their way to make a delivery?


It seems like it would be somewhat of a risk every time someone picks up the phone to place an order. What if we get too many of these things out there running around? Are we going to have to be worried about one malfunctioning and running over us?

What if people try to use them to transport illegal items? How would the logistics behind them be regulated? Would there really be a need for strict regulations? It seems like even though it may be an awesomely revolutionary product, there is still a lot to consider.

If you can think of any major benefits or hindrances with launching this device in other parts of the U.S., comment and let us know what you think. Can you think of any other types of goods we could use this system to transport? Can you think of any items you absolutely would not want to transport in this manner? Let us know by commenting below.

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