Enklov HD Security Camera Bang for Buck

The Enklov HD security camera really gives you bang for your buck. It comes with all of the standard netcam features and more. To name a few, it shoots HD quality video in 1080P and comes equipped with night vision to surveillance at all hours of the night in the darkest of places. Additionally, it can be tilted and panned almost 360 degrees.

Popular uses for this security camera include being used as a nanny cam, pet cam, and to watch the elderly. It has a two-way voice monitor so that you can hear what is going on through the microphone, as well as, being used as an intercom.

Easy Setup!

The set-up is incredibly easy and fast. The camera boots up instantly. There is an option to scan a QR code that prompts you to download the app. From there, it takes you through each step in setting it up and connecting to your WiFi network.


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User Friendly

It is very user-friendly. Unfortunately, not all cameras are very user-friendly, but this Enklov camera takes the cake on this one. There is a dedicated application that can be downloaded from a tablet, smartphone, and also a web app that can be accessed from the computer. Each of the connected devices allows video streaming.

Motion Detection Sensitivity

Depending on the type of movement the camera detects, it is equipped to either snap a photo, or it will be triggered to start recording short videos. It is very sensitive by default for motion detection but can be turned on and off. If you have pets, you won’t have to worry about getting an alert every 5 minutes when your pet walks through the house. Motion sensitivity and night vision options can be adjusted through the dedicated app.

When motion is detected, it will send push notifications to your smartphone. In the case of an interruption of Internet service, there is an additional slot for a 32GB memory card which is even encrypted for your protection. It requires a connection to a power outlet to function as well. Conveniently, this camera will reboot and turn back on on it’s own in the event of a power outage.

HD Video Qulaity: 1080P

Video quality is HD; however, it is recommended that your network runs optimally to access high-quality views for streaming. Depending on what other in-home connected devices you have, you may want to consider installing a mesh network. Installation of a mesh network would easily ensure high-speed data capacity for the clearest pictures and most secure connection, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Multiple Camera Views Functionality

There is an option to watch multiple cameras simultaneously if you decide to set up more than one. Unlike popular name brand net cams, they do not require any monthly service fee for accessible streaming. Instead of recording video or saving snapshots to a cloud, it uses a micro SD card for local storage.

Accessing Stored Content

With this particular security camera, saved content can either be accessed and downloaded from the app or the media card. The media card can be plugged into an adapter and images can be downloaded directly to a computer.

Since the card is encrypted, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer to get access to the data that is stored on the memory card. This is a security feature that is set up to protect users from having their information accessed in a situation where the camera or memory card might be stolen.

This net cam is equipped for indoor usage, but if it is pointed to view outdoors, it is still capable of detecting motion. Thus, it functions the same as if it were pointed inside. It even comes with a bracket so that it can be easily mounted on the ceiling to point any direction.

The Pros

Some of the best features that put this camera above a lot of other popular net cams is the fact that it is a great price. It’s only $79 and can be easily purchased from Amazon. It doesn’t require a monthly subscription either. A lot of the popular brands cost anywhere upward $129.99 and requires the purchase of a monthly subscription plan to trigger video capturing with motion detection.

It shoots in 1080P, which is excellent quality. Some of the popular competitors only shoot VGA quality or 720P, which is not quite up to par. This is a great feature because if your home gets invaded, you have better prospects of identifying the intruder due to the clear and detailed picture.

Compared to other brands, it also comes with the option to manually control tilting and panning so you get a wider view of the room. This feature could help to eliminate the need for the cost of additional cameras to cover more of the circumference of a particular room.

Below are the “Tilt Panning Affect Specifications” for the Enklov HD Security Camera

Tilt Panning:

Horizontal – 350º

Vertical – 100°

Wide Angle – 90º


One of the only real drawbacks that I noticed mainly affects those with slow or poor Internet connections. That is the degradation of video quality with slower speeds of Internet connectivity. Those with the most updated Wi-Fi or mesh network systems seem to have the best luck with viewing consistently crisp video quality with a proper connection.

I highly recommend the Enklov HD security camera. It is sleek, it is highly functional and it is packed full of features for the pricing. As long as you’ve got a strong Wi-Fi connection and setup the smartphone application properly, you shouldn’t have any issues with this camera.

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*This is a sponsored post written by TechDigg on behalf of Enklov. All opinions are 100% ours.




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